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heard back from my pdoc
she said to stay on the 5mg for two weeks
then go up to 10mg
if I'm still uncomfortable then she will switch me back
Yesterday went ok, no bad mood
Got some stuff done

I know I can't expect too much of myself. Be reasonable.
I really should look at what I have done instead of what needs to get done.
Also, recognize that I'm trying to manage what's been out of function for a while and it takes patience and love. Really, if I needed to help someone else take care of their stuff, I could do that! Why can't I take care of my own things?
I can be patient with someone else (most people), why not myself? So, attitude adjustment, I guess is on the agenda myself a break, a pep talk... :) I always did respond better to positive pressure :)
I think I read that somewhere about ADD kids...if a teacher notices they do good work they do better! But if a teacher keeps saying "do the work! do the work!" they will probably be like...."um..wha?" I think that would go for any kids :)

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