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HI , i have a question, I am the mom of 2 boys with adhd , I have left some post on boards about how meds have worked and stuff and the problems i had with the straterra, Well i had to take both boys off the meds cause dr told me too and they were so sick on it.
Schools fixing to start and i am just wondering has anyone ever had the child on meds and had to quit takeing all meds, I just know when school starts there going to be calling me everyday, they have been on pretty much all the meds for adhd and they have been taken off all of them for one reason or another, I just dont know whats going to happen, I know that the meds help them with there adhd but they were taken off cause they wouldnt eat and loss so much weight,or the meds would just quit working . I just was wondering if this has happeend to anyone , do you have any advise for me, It would be greatly appreciated . thanks in advance , Sassy

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