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Daily Log of Strattera Use

Bill Costell

** Age 47
** Weight 175 - 180 pounds
** Start with 25MG of Strattera for the first 4 days, then 40MG, then 50MG.


GB= Goose Bumps ("Cutis Anserina" or "Horripiulation")

EPH= Ephedrine (usually 240MG of Ephedrine Extract (leaves/stems) totaling 24MG of Ephedrine Group Alkaloids.

DZP= Diazepam

CF= Coffee (8 oz of coffee equals 1 shot of expresso).

SOWB= Sense-of-well being. Using a 1 to 10 scale, 1 (which is NEVER experienced) would be total depression with the inability to get out of bed. 10 (which is NEVER experienced) would be a state of extreme exatecy (almost to a fault) and feeling totally at peace with no feelings of need/want.

** No alcohol use for 12 years. Most always (in evenings/ days off) want "Something to relax and feel better"… like alcohol or opiates that cause a false sense of well being.

** In the past, a typical daily average SOWB rating of 4 or 5 would be normal (75% of the time). This would be achieved by using EPH and CF. On really-good days (personal success/excellent sleep/diet/exercise, or through the use of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs [mostly stimulants and alcohol]) a SOWB rating of 5.5 - 6 could be achieved (15% of the time). On really bad days (rainy days, cold dark winter days, boring times, religious situations, stressful times, family events, etc.,) a SOWB rating could and would dip as low as 2.5 - 3 (10% of the time).

** Typically experiences some level of anxiety over no specific situations. Usually happens during the latter part of the day. Have the feeling of "Something is missing" and there seems to be a "Hole that needs filling".

** Typically consumes 4 cups CF per morning (minimum) for mental and physical energy. Seldom consumed after 12 Noon due to difficulty falling asleep. If not used, energy and mood is low and work/focus/attitude is slow and poor.

** EPH typically used once in the morning and once in the afternoon for energy/appetite suppression and mood elevation. If not used, energy and mood is low and work/focus/attitude is slow and poor.

** Sleep has always been poor. History of being a "Light" sleeper. Wakes multiple times during the night (Now considered NORMAL). In bed by 10 Pm - 11 PM and out of bed by 7 AM. This was "Normal" even before the use of EPH or sleeping aids.

Attended sleep clinic and was totally unsuccessful. No diagnosis. No improvements in sleep quality. Attempted many medications. No results except codeine… which relaxed and gave a false sense of well being. Over time, this false sense of well being could not be achieved with codeine… except fro a few minutes during the first hour of the medication. Over the past 3 years, there has been frequent use of 10MG of DZP or 10MG of Ambian for sleep. During the recent months, but before using Strattera, 2.5MG of DZP or 5MG of Ambian would provide a "Normal" night of sleep. Sleeping aid used approximately 80% - 90% of the time.

** Usually unable/unwilling to focus on reading due to distractions, boredom, and a general dislike of reading except to gain knowledge.

** Is musical and creative but rarely feels like being creative. Only when work/family/diet/mood/exercise all are aligned and SOWB is up to a 6 or higher.

** Never considered "Easy Going" and does NOT like to relax. Always seeking/enjoying activities (surfing, flying, sex, race driving, sky diving, business deal making, etc.) to be stimulated and focused. Either "Fully on" or "Fully Off". Always leading the charge! Always considered a "Bottom Line" person. Most things are black or white. Quite ridged. Gets easily annoyed at others.

Day 1
8:05 am- 25MG of med last night before bed time. Normal sleep pattern. 4 x CF and 1 X EPH this morning. Noticing positive thoughts/mood with a slight demotivated feeling. However, it seems to be positive overall. Experiencing many full-body-rushes of GB. Not typical but not unusual. May be the CF and EPH combined with the med.

8:45 am- Feeling a bit spaced out. Hard to hold a thought. Forgot a commonly-used business name while on the telephone.

1 pm- Something is different. Seems like too much stimulant today (CF & EPH). Have had low-level anxiety today but not the irritability that usually comes with over stimulation. After lunch I feel better… but still stimulated higher than normal. Felt some small amount of depression during late morning. Could be related to a depressing business-related situation.

5 pm- Experienced afternoon tiredness. Still felt internally stimulated (jitters/anxiety) but physically tired. As of 5 pm, tiredness is wearing off. Still feel jitters. They feel like tightness in the chest… anxiety. No significant desire for "Something to relax me."

Day 2
Rough night last night. Woke 4+ times and finally got out of bed at 5 am. Real restless night. Took 5MG of DZP pre bed but it did not hold sleep.

This morning, had 4 X CF. No EPH. Overcast outside today. Feel ok. Slight GB but not like yesterday. Slight tightness in the chest (anxiety) but nothing like yesterday. Anticipating a business call today. Anxiety could be related to that. Attitude is positive.

1:30 pm- Very positive attitude this morning. Perhaps related to good work-related situation. Still overcast outside… but I don’t seem to really mind for some reason. Unusual for me. Plenty of emotional energy all morning and through now. Still have the slight anxiety feeling in chest. Not a problem. It feels like too much CF without the negative moody edge. Good SOWB (5.5) and feel slightly spaced out but not like yesterday. The spaced out feeling could just be the overcast. Don’t know if I have any physical energy. Will know during tennis tonight. Do not want additional CF or EPH today. I usually need EPH to have good energy for a tennis game. Perhaps I will ramp back on the CF 50% tomorrow.

Day 3
8:30 am- Easy afternoon yesterday. More energy in the evening. More than expected. Felt the physical energy as a low-level buzz instead if the normal RAW and raging energy. Plenty of energy available for tennis. Seemed somewhat more focused than usual during tennis. Seemed to "Spazz Out" (impulsive physical moves) less than usual. Could have been that the other player was at a much lower level than me. Could have been the med. No desire for "Something to relax me." 10 MG Ambian for sleep and slept better than the previous night. Woke 2 times. No EPH yesterday.

1 X CF this morning. Already had GB this morning before CF. No real urge for CF this morning. Good attitude and good energy at waking this morning. Now have slight anxiety in chest… but 50% less than yesterday. Seems related to CF. Deep breathing brings positive change in that feeling but also brings instant GB. Some overcast today but positive feelings and good SOWB (5.5).

2 pm- Feeling slightly low energy now. No stimulants today except the CF in the morning. Been reading most of the day. Overcast is somewhat bothersome. Still a little spaced out. OK. May be related to sitting/reading/overcast all day. Still good attitude and a lower SOWB (5) than this morning which was a 5.5. Feel like EPH… but want to sleep tonight.

Day 4- (Took 25MG in morning instead of night before)
8:50 am- Yawning and sluggish late yesterday afternoon/evening. Yawning is starting to become a normal thing. Not related to being tired… just yawning. Focus at evening tennis was not as good as the night before but still better than usual. Once I got tennis started, I had good energy. Great desire for "Something to relax me" last night. 10MG DZP for sleep last night. Had nightmare! Probably due to large steak for dinner (it happens when I do that). Woke 3 X last night. Sleep was still not good.

At 7 am this morning, 1 X CF. SOWB about 5. Small amount of anxiety feeling (like yesterday) this morning before CF. OK no problem. Deep breathing helps. Instant GB. Strange but not bad. Good energy level first thing this morning. Enough to do chores around the house (before CF) and be motivated. Not typical… but could be related to being home alone (while family is in NJ) and having some "Space" to myself.

10 am- Quite "Amped up" and "Speedy". This is good. Like EPH but with dry mouth. Dry mouth is OK because it promotes me drinking plenty of water (a goal of mine). As I suspected, the med does NOT make me tired… it "Ups" me. Perhaps this is why I have had poor sleep over the past nights. Focus and SOWB (5) is down from yesterday morning… but OK. The sun is out and that is great. Feel like being nice to people… and helpful.

11 am- Definitely LESS focus than the past 3 days. Almost the same focus as using EPH.

1:20 pm- Good and normal appetite at lunch. Still good spirits and same SOWB as this morning. This is OK but I like yesterday's SOWB better. Less chest anxiety than this morning. Some yawning but not tired.

Day 5- first 40 MG (higher dose). Taken in morning.
7:45 am- Definitely less focus yesterday evening. Just like using EPH. I had similar amount of energy as previous evenings, but again not the RAW energy like I get when using EPH. However, my energy was much more than I would typically have without EPH. Strong urge for "Something to relax me" last night. I just wanted to "feel something". Mood was flat during the afternoon and evening. Took 2.5MG DZP for sleep. Slept OK with 2 - 3 wakenings. Had 1 nightmare. I am concluding that the evening doses of the med is causing sleep problems. This is the 1st day of the larger dose and the 2nd day of the morning dosage. Woke at 5 am. A little groggy but soon had plenty of energy. Excellent SOWB (5.5). Plenty of GB. Confident that GB is caused by med. 1 X CF this morning. Much yawning. Not tired. Still need to take deep breaths to relieve small (smaller than ever before) chest anxiety tightness. Plenty GB. No problem for me… I like it. Mood is up but with the "Sharp Edge" off of it. Unusual. Positive. I feel like I want to read, do small projects and do things that are usually boring and somewhat depressing for me to do. However, these things today, and some times over the past days, do not seem to make me sad / bored / depressed / melancholy as usual. Yesterday I was looking forward to the higher dose of the med. I expected it to produce a better SOWB /energy /mood and so far today, it has.

3:30 pm- Good energy / mood and SOWB (6). Better than previous days. Don't know why. Could be due to my "pre-vacation" attitude and feeling. No noticeable focus ability outside of that which I would achieve using EPH… but no EPH today. No yawning since this morning. Slight chest anxiety but less than this morning. Deep breathing brings instant relief… and instant GB.

Day 6- 40MG
8:45 am- 10MG of DZP last night for sleep. Stress level up due to family coming home from NJ. Had large urge to "Take something relaxing" yesterday evening. Yesterday evening focus down to typical focus when using EPH. Seeing no real benefit in the evenings. Took dosage at 5:30 am today. 2 X CF. Sleep last night was ok. Woke 2 X and was up at 5 am. Still have GB. Still feel the need to deep breath. No problem. SOWB today is "To Be Announced"! Have no idea what family stress will add to the mix. SOWB is about 5.5 - 6+ so far. Family noises and outside noises are typically distracting… but I am not yet reacting. Could be because my "Date Face" is on due to the recent return of the family. Always more tolerable the first few days back. Also going on vacation tomorrow so things are usually OK due to the work-related stress relief.

7 pm- Reasonable SOWB all day. Felt a little low on energy so used ¼ EPH. Played Tennis. Reasonable focus… but that is just starting to feel "Normal". No real great increase in focus. Reasonably able to tolerate noise/kids/home situations better than usual. I am a little more easy going. Minimal yawning.

Day 7- 40MG
Had large urge to "Take something relaxing" last night. 5MG Ambian for sleep. Woke 3 X which is normal. Woke at 5 am. This early morning waking is unusual. Not bad. 2 X CF. Plenty of nervous and physical energy. Good SOWB (6). None of my usual outburst during the family exit for family vacation. Everyone acted typical (forgetting to pack things/running late/and typical wife anxiety spread throughout the house) but I remained calm. BIG improvement for me. Still have anxiety in chest but much reduced from previous days. If I don’t think of it. I forget it. GB and need to breath deeply are reduced by 10 am today. This is starting to become routine to the point that I forgot to write my journal earlier today. Not sure if positive attitude is due to med or being on vacation. My hunch is that it is a mix of both. Usually I am all stressed out and agitated at this point of any vacation… due to petty issues like suitcases not closed properly, everyone is late, too many bags, etc. Today is different. I know and feel that these things agitating feelings/things are really not important…. I feel them then dismiss them without acting on them. WOW!

5:30 pm- Excellent SOWB all day (6)… almost to a fault. Quite "Speedy" and talkative… but not too much. Less speed than EPH provides. Being on vacation is part of the positive feeling too. However, I am usually "Bummed Out" at family type days/events… but not today. Quite easy going today. However… I wish I could get drunk! Still less yawning. Plenty of GB when deep breathing. No notice of chest anxiety. Good.

Day 8- 40MG
Good sleep last night. 5MG DZP. Woke at 4 am. Good morning. OK SOWB but not like yesterday. Feel like reading and doing quiet things. Am concerned that I may become sedentary. Normal yawning and GB.

Day 9- 40MG
Yesterday was great and restful. No sadness that is usually associated with restful activities. This IS working. Read, listened to music and slept yesterday. 5MG DZP for sleep last night. Slept OK. Woke at 4 am again. Up at 6:30 am. Ready for exercise. Reading book… "Driven to Distraction" about adult ADD. Quite helpful and insightful. Still wish the urge for "Something Relaxing" would go away. But no problem. This early morning SOWB was fantastic (6.5 - 7!!). Time will tell.

1 pm- After lunch. WOW!! What a morning! Continued great SOWB. Tennis all morning, focus was good, quite talkative and felt like I was speeding but without the jitters. Knew when I was getting to the "Talking too much" point. Seems like I have plenty of time to think before others' actions and my actions. Things seem to slow down. Weird… but good. Don't really mind sitting around. Don’t really like it but don’t seem to get pissed off because of inactivity. I have been looking forward to reading and quiet time. Not before… unless it was to escape from noise and distractions. Physical energy seems to be readily available. Without the RAW nervous energy that is usually needed to respond to physical burst/strength demands. Today is the first day that I have considered that this may be the normal method of operation for others… "quiet energy"… instead of being all pumped up. I like this. I want to sing more than usual. I feel like I could start playing the trumpet again. Don't want to be too optimistic in case this feeling/discovery/experience goes away and things go back to "Normal". I think I can take a rest and still get physical again later today…that would be unusual. GB and yawning are starting to become the norm. I have not noticed any anxiety in my chest today. Come t think of it… It was not there yesterday when I was relaxing.

Day 10- 40MG
8 am- Yesterday afternoon was the best yet. Plenty of energy for water skiing in the afternoon. Rested after lunch and had no problem transitioning back to physical activity. SOWB was the best it has ever been (7.5). The evening was sort of a let down. Seemed that the med wore off as it has been doing in the late afternoon (around 3 pm). Have intense desire to add/take more in the afternoon. Sitting at dinner is tedious. The noisy crowd and sitting for a long period was difficult to tolerate. This has been the case most evenings. I really wanted "Something to relax me". I will call DR.G today and get/give some feedback. Target dosage for 180 pounds is around 70 - 90MG. I am on 40MG.

2.5MG DZP to sleep last night. Woke 2 X. Woke 4 am and could not get back to sleep. This is becoming a routine. Got out of bed at 5:45 am. So far today, SOWB and focus has been lower than yesterday. After yesterday, I have high expectations. It may be a hard act to follow. 3 X CF this morning. Too much CF. I am anxious because I want to experience what I felt yesterday. I want it to last through the evening and help stop my craving for "Something to relax me".

5 pm- OK day. Not as good as yesterday. Plenty of energy but not the excellent SOWB as yesterday. Focus seemed to be missing today. Spent all afternoon relaxing next to the pool, listening to music and reading. This is totally unusual for me. I was somewhat distracted and fidgety but much better than usual. So… I guess the focus is working. Again… Feeling the effects of med wear off. I will be interested to see how the evening goes. Aerobic exercise seems to enhance the effect more than strength exercise.

Day 11- 40MG
4 pm- Went to bed early last evening. 9 pm. Real tired. Woke at 5 am feeling god. 2 X CF. Did not want to drink too much CF like yesterday. SOWB is up today (6.5). Better than yesterday. I think SOWB is better due to sleep and less CF. Energy plentiful. This is starting to become a normal feeling… but don’t know for sure because vacation is not a god bench-mark. Water skied today. Pushed REAL HARD this morning. After lunch, I just laid in bed and lightly snoozed/rested. Over the last 2 days, mental focus is still less that what I have experienced earlier on. Back in the office should tell a good story. Hard to know on vacation. Spirit/mood good.

Day 12- 40MG
3 pm- Dinner last night the same as others. Loud and hard to tolerate. Confirming no assistance from med. 10MG DZP for sleep. Slept till 5 am. 1 X CF this morning. First sign of chest anxiety this morning. Not bad… but it is back. Deep breathing brings relief and GB. Normal… no big deal. Overall SOWB today (6) is less than yesterday but ok. SOWB is better than without the med. Although I don't notice the focus I noticed days ago, I DO want to read and do quite things. This is NOT typical or usual fro me. These things do NOT bring the sadness and depressed feelings they usually bring. This is a big change for me. Have already read an entire book plus an 80-page manual this week. I don't do this! Hardly ever! But now I look forward to it. This morning my mood changed from mild to upset/agitated when I found out my tennis partner was only going to play for 30 minutes. I focused on the disappointment and was agitated that I would not get good exercise. I got angry inside and brooded. Physical energy is not very available today. I am tired from all of the exercise over the week. My muscles hurt. My knee is bothering me. Found another tennis partner and played more. My energy level and mood increased. It feels good to just hang around and read/listen to music today. No typical feeling of loss/ sadness/boredom as usual when I rest. This is an improvement. I am still wanting to increase the med to more than 40MG.

NOTE: All week I have been waking around 4 am. Some mornings I fall back to sleep till 5 am. Other mornings I just wait until it is light then get up. Have been reading every morning. Nice mornings!

NOTE: As I write this I am listening to music on headphones and it does NOT seem to interfere with this note writing process. This is unusual for me. Typically, I will never listen to music (sometimes must put in ear plugs to tune out noise) while trying to read/write/focus. Typically, outside noises distract me and cause irritation. The exception is when I am doing creative things… then I use music to help the creative process (marketing work etc.).

Day 13- 40MG
7 am- Evening was difficult. Noisy, boring evening. Sitting way too much. After resting yesterday, the rest of the day went ok. At around 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon, the SOWB went up to a 6 or better. Today vacation ends. This should be interesting. Nothing for sleep last night. Slept ok to poor. Woke 6 times. Last woke at 5:30 am and out of bed at 6am. 2 X CF this morning.

11: 30 pm- Today was the worst so far. Stressed out driving home. Wife wanted to do the tourist thing and drive through a national park. Friends, traveling with us, had a 4 year old. Kid drove me crazy. I just wanted to get home. Once home, I got involved and focused in the task of inputting this journal into the computer. Felt better. Going to bed now.

Day 14- 40MG
7:30 am- Went to bed at 12 M last night. No sleeping aid. Woke at 2 am & 4 am. Woke and got up at 6:30 am. 1 X CF this morning. Mild energy. Should have had another CF. At this moment, SOWB is 5+. updated Sleepy. SOWB 4+. Not a good day. Slightly depressed feeling. Napped in the afternoon and played tennis @ 5:30 pm. Was not sure if I would have the energy to play but had plenty. Had focus when starting but lost the ability to focus soon after that. 10MG Ambian for sleep. Went to bed at 9 pm. Just wanted to "Check Out". No cravings last evening. Tossed & turned until 10:30 pm. Woke 2 X. Up at 6 am.

Day 15- 40MG
8:55 am- 1st day back in the office after vacation. 2 X CF. Mood and SOWB 4 -4.5. Feel burned out & stressed. Woke with slight headache. 9 am took 1 X EPH.

11:30 am- EPH has helped. SOWB is 5. Not really motivated but grinding through the work day. Somewhat space out feeling today.

Day 16- 40MG
8:40 am- in the office. Yesterday afternoon was better than yesterday morning. Lunch & EPH helped. I had blood drawn yesterday morning (for PSA levels) ant that may have added to my low morning. The EPH made me wired. Mood was better but not great. SOWB was 5 I the afternoon. Typical of a normal day. Due to negative business-related events, I was moody and irritated last evening. Just wanted to withdraw and be left alone. No cravings… Again! 10MG DZP for sleep. Woke 4-6 times. Nightmare. Woke at 3:30 am and could not sleep. Dozed/tossed/turned till 6am then out of bed at 6:30 am. No headache like yesterday morning. 2 X CF this morning. Not getting the energy or positive mood I was getting most of last week… right after I took the med in the mornings. SOWB is 5. OK, not bad, but nothing like the past 15 days.

8 pm- After lunch was better. SOWB was 5+ which was slightly better than the morning. Focus was off in the office. Tennis focus was REAL off. Spaced out while playing. Typical impulsive physical moves with poor results. Definitely less mental/physical focus, while exercising, than ever before on this med. Energy was down too. However, considering the negative office environment, my mood was much better than it would have normally been. I was not stressed out… as I would have been in the past. Just decided to NOT get bummed out.

Day 17- 40 MG
8 am- in office. Went to bed at 11:30 pm last night. No sleep aid. No cravings. Woke at 1:30 am, 2:30 am, 5 am, 6 am. Heavy REM/dream sleep during sleep periods. Felt OK this morning. 2 X CF. SOWB is 5. Typical GB. They have been less or minimal over the past couple of days… but are back again today. Expecting stressful day in the office. Should pick up new 50MG meds tonight.

2:55 pm- Same SOWB. Typical focus day like it would be if I had taken EPH. Big cravings this afternoon. Although the office was real negative, my mood was ok. No big stress.

Day 18- 1st day of 50MG
8 am- Rough night again last night. No sleep aid and in bed at 10 pm. Tossed & turned until 12:30 am. 10MG DZP at 12:30 am for sleep. Slept with some heavy REM. Woke 3 times and up at 6 am. Felt rested. 50MG of med at 6:15 am on empty stomach. 2 X CF and food at 7 am. Already feeling the effect of the increased dosage. A bit stimulated but good. SOWB is already 5.5. Expecting another negative situation at the office but my mood is quiet and ok.

11:45 am- Getting a "Speeding" effect. Similar to EPH. Definitely noticing the increased dosage. Not receiving any noticeable focus or substantial increase of SOWB. Mood of the office is real negative. I typically get into a light depression (SOWB 4) when this happens so the increased dosage may be keeping my mood higher than it would normally be. Extra dry mouth today. No problem.

NOTE: Over the past 4 days, I have noticed a SMALL muscle tick under my left eye. Like a muscle spasm/cramp. No problem but will continue to take notice.

3:15 pm- No real change after lunch. Talkative! Speedy. No mental focus and a bit distracted. A bit of afternoon tiredness.

Day 19- 2nd day of 50MG.
Vacation day- Yesterday evening tennis was excellent! Plenty of energy and focus! No question that the aerobic activity enhances and promotes SOWB with this med. SOWB went to 6 during/after tennis exercise. No sleep aids or cravings last evening. Typical 1:30 am, 3 am, 4:30 am and 6 am awakenings last night. Good REM during sleep periods. Good SOWB today (6). On vacation surfing… what do you expect?! Good focus in surfing. Better than normal surfing skills today.

Day 20 - 3rd day 50MG
Surfing vacation- Last evening was ok. No cravings. 10MG Ambian for sleep. Sleeping in a tent! Slept 10 pm through 4:30 am straight through! Went back to sleep and had good REM until 6 am.

Day 21- 4th day of 50MG
At home back from surf vacation. Yesterday was somewhat of a bust. Had serious headache most of the late morning and afternoon/evening. May have been a hangover from the high-fat dinner I had the night before. Had strong cravings yesterday afternoon. Mood and SOWB at 5. Not very tolerant. Wanted to be alone. 5MG Ambian for sleep. Good sleep. Woke at 1:30 am, 4:30, and 6:30 am. SOWB this morning is 5.5.

NOTE: Now that I am getting used to more focus and less physical / mental impulsiveness, it is starting to become the "Norm". I am receiving some, but not all, of the focus and SOWB benefits I received during the first 10 days of starting the med. Perhaps I am receiving the same benefits but they are not the surprise they were when I started the med. Although I still get glimpses of what I THINK is the med's full potential, I am hopeful that my "Perfect Dose", whatever that ends up being, will provide full and deep results. Any way you look at it, things are better now than ever before. If it stops here, I still win!

9 pm- Different type of day today. SOWB is still 5.5. Wanted to play tennis but could find no hitters. Got real drowsy in the mid afternoon. Took a 1.5 hour nap. Felt good when finished. This nap was a positive experience. Not typical. If I choose to sleep in the afternoon, it is usually due to boredom or slight depression. Not the case today. Wife was amazed that I was napping because I wanted to nap. She assumed that I was angry or depressed… but I was not. The nap was "light and pleasant" and not a heavy sleep. However, it was quite positive. Woke many times but had REM sleep too. During the nap's sleep periods, I had short periods of awakenings… the feelings were pleasant and dream-like. Later, got a small headache after eating ice cream. Could have been the sugar. 2 X Advil. No cravings again tonight. Early to bed. No sleep aids tonight.

Day 22- 5th day of 50MG
In office- During last night's sleep, I experienced a MAJOR SOWB. Great REM. Woke a couple of times and got out of bed at 5:45 am. SOWB is 6 now. Expecting negative issues I the office. Feel like I can take it without getting down.

NOTE: Over the past 4 days, I have noticed a slight "Bitter" taste coming from my saliva glands (the ones near the jaw hinge (s)) and it promotes drinking water. Not a problem but different. The taste is same as the taste I experienced one morning when I took 40MG on an empty stomach and started to "Burp".

1:18 pm- Good morning. Maintained a good SOWB. Plenty of energy. Quite "Speedy" today. No problem. OK.

NOTE: Blood test results indicate a raised PSA count. Was 5 in Feb. then back to 4 later that same month. Last week's test indicates 5.7.

Day 23- 6th day of 50MG
8:45 am- In the office. Interesting and good sleep last night. No sleep aid. In bed at 9:45 pm. No problem falling asleep. Woke at 12:30 am, 3:30 am, 5:30 am and 6 am. Excellent REM sleep. 2 X CF this morning. Took med at 8 am with CF and food (not as early as usual). Somewhat overcast out today. Feel a bit moody and edgy. Feel like I want to lash out at people and give them a piece of my mind. People/things/noises are all quite annoying this morning… but I am not reacting (I rarely, if ever, lash out and give people a piece of my mind). SOWB is at 4.5.

1:10 pm- So far not a good day. I feel generally bummed out. I have NO motivation to work. I am feeling the stress of the negative office situations. Added stress related to the elevated PSA count.

Day 24- 7th day of 50MG
8:04 am- In the office. Yesterday was poor… until I exercised. Felt better immediately. SOWB went up to a 5.5! No cravings. No sleep aid. Went to bed around 9:45 pm. Easy to fall asleep like the last 3 nights. Great and unusual. Woke at 1 am, 3 am, 5 am, out of bed 6 am. Not withstanding the awakenings, the quality of sleep was good to excellent. Good REM. This is NOT typical for me and is a welcome change. Felt refreshed this morning. Took med on an empty stomach (as usual) at then food and 3 X CF 30 minutes later. SOWB is 5.5. I feel much better than yesterday when I waited to take the med with food. Perhaps the delay in taking the med yesterday and taking it with food caused me to absorb it differently… and was the cause for moodiness/low SOWB.

Evening- Good afternoon. SOWB remained 5.5. All day I felt a positive feeling… like I had something to "Look forward to"… but it was just another day. To bed at 10: 55 pm. No sleep aids. No cravings.

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