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Re: Straterra
Mar 29, 2003
We are about begining of week 5 with our 8 year old son. Prescribed for inattention with some impulsivity and hyperactivity. More at school than at home. Tried Ritalin but it made him VERY hyper. SO far the Strattera seems to have calmed him down. Some tiredness when he hit his full dose. Loss of appetite particularly in the evenings - thank goodness for a good breakfast - but also seems to be craving less high sugar snacks. Maybe there are different etiologies of ADHD behavior that respond best to different medications.
Re: Straterra
Apr 7, 2003
Thought I'd jump in here after reading all these many posts! I posted a while back when my son (11) started Strattera. Today marks 4 weeks and at first I thought things were going to be better but his performance and behavior at school has gone downhill very fast. He is much better at home though. Much more calm, can take consequences better, sleeps better and it just seems to be helping his impulsivity and personality all around -but school? Nope! Doc today suggested either 10 more mg of Strattera to make 50 a target dose (he is 90lbs) or try Focalin. I don't like the idea of the "fast acting Ritalin" so I'm not sure what we will do besides back to concerta...BUT I've read here that some are doing Concerta AND Strattera and I am definitly asking Doc about that. Since DS has had some anger issues and pre-adolescent "attitude" I'd like to keep on with the STrattera to help him with those aspects and then the Concerta for school help and then maybe go back to trying just Strattera during the summer where school work is not so pressing...hoping that by school in August it is in his system good and will help him daily. It is just strange that many of us here noticed good changes at first then down hill...I just wonder how long you have to give this drug before you see the evening out? Know what I mean? We can't wait thag long during school as he is at risk of failing English. Not doing classwork and talking constantly in class is his biggest problem.

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