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Re: Straterra
Mar 18, 2003
Hi! I have a 10 year old son, weighs 70lbs who is taking Concerta 54mg. This was recently changed because the Adderall XR 30mg made him miserable. He was not able to channel his frustrations in any way but anger! We've put him back on the Concerta 54mg for his ADHD and for the anxiety and what seems to be slight depression, he is taking the Concerta, and at night takes 40 mg of Strattera. The doc suggested we try both, get him some counseling and possibly ween him off the Concerta. We've been on this medication for 1 week now and just w/the Concerta and strattera, he is doing very well. My son is severe ADHD so the Strattera at 40mg, is supposed to help him get through puberty (and his raging hormones), help him deal w/channeling his frustration and the Concerta does it's job in school. He can finally focus again. It's only been 1 week on the Strattera, and every day is a new one, but I've seen good results so far. I'll keep you posted. Hang in there. ADHD isn't fixed overnight, in our case, it hasn't been fixed since he was 3. We've been battling this for almost 8 years now as he will be 11, April 1st. Good luck to you!

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