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Re: Straterra
Mar 29, 2003
I wanted to share a very positive story about Strattera. I am a mother of a 6 year old that was recently diagnosed with ADD (no hyperactivity). We have been struggling with ADD for almost two years. I had reached rock bottom when I continued to have to pick my son up from school because he wasn't doing his work and spending our afternoon basically homeschooling. My son was burnt out on work. His self-esteem was in jeapardy. He realized he couldn't keep up with the other children.

I was against medication for the last two years. I spent thousands of dollars on threapists but I feel was to young to grasp the concepts that could help him with school. I am very conservative when it comes to drugs. I don't beliveve in much medication of any kind or even soda with caffine.

I sat in his class and observed how hard he was trying and how hard he struggled. We decided to give my son Strattera since his education was at risk. I expected to see results within one to two weeks. We saw results the first day. For some reason, he had immediate results - I realize Strattera isn't suppose to work this way. Our lives have completely turned around. My son completes all of his work in class. He follows directions and listened to the teachers. We are at week 6 with very little side effects. He had a few tired days. His pupils are dilated at times and has had a few stomach aches. He is feeling fine overall. I keep a daily log on how he feels to that I can track any trends.

I know that this is just the beginning. I pray for all the parents that have this challenge. Please stay as hopeful as you can. I know my son is trying to hard as he can. These kids are trying twice as hard as the other kids in class. Don't let the grades or teachers get you down. I would like to hare from others that have had sucesss with Strattera.
Re: Straterra
Mar 31, 2003
Thank you to everybody that has posted on the new drug strattera. This is my first time that I have needed to post. I have a 13 year old son that has been on strettara for 2 mo. He was doing wonderful up until yesterday. He improved in all his classes at school the teachers have praised this new medication over and over. Josh went from 30% and 40% in all his classes to 78% and above. In Science he has gone from a 42% average to 100%. WOW! There was no side effects other than the first week when he was tired all the time but that straightened out. I had his pupils checked they were normal infact his vision improved on the Strattera. Then Yesterday I recieved a new perscriptin from the pharmacy with in 20 minutes of taking it Josh is dry heaving, headaches. It subsided last night in fact he seemed fine most of the night. Then this am he got up and was fine again until he took the new batch of meds. He started dry heaving again splitting headaches for about 2hours. I called the pharmacy its the same medication 60mg. and I called the Doctor. We have an appointment this am. Has any body had any of these delayed reactions to strattera? Or reations to a new batch of strattera recently?

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