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As some of you know I had an appointment yesterday with a neurologist. I was tired of being my own doctor with my ADHD medication. Too many side effects, especially migraine headaches. Yesterday we decided to give Focalin XR a shot since I've already tried Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and Strattera on my own. Focalin is a derivative (I think that's the word he used) of Ritalin, so taking 10 mg of Focalin is like taking 20 mg of Ritalin. It's a once-a-day extended release dosage.

I didn't take it today because I didn't sleep very well last night or the two previous nights. I didn't want to introduce Focalin into my system until my sleep pattern returned to normal. I'm in a pattern of running all over the place trying to finish everything on my to-do list for a few days until I exhaust myself and basically stop (feeling like) being productive at all. This is the second week in a row of that, and it sucks. That's probably one of the main reasons my sleep has sufferred. I haven't exercised in two days either, and I can feel it in my brain for sure. Hopefully I can level back out again tonight and tomorrow.

I'm seriously thinking of trying to find an ADD coach. Has anyone ever used an ADD coach? What was their rate and what was your experience like?

I've got to find a speed between stopped and blazing fast. That's the hard thing for me. I'm either 0 mph or 100 mph. Nowhere in between. I try to take breaks during the day wherever I'm working, but I always feel like there's not enough time for me to take breaks. I always feel like I need to be doing something and yet I sit at my computer and waste time away procrastinating at doing tasks that I need to be doing. That's exactly what I'm doing now, but I also consider this a well-deserved and needed break for myself.

When you say "at home" I assume you mean when I'm not working. I give myself some breaks. I just push too hard some days I think. There's been some stuff going on at work too that's been bothering me a lot, too. (That's typical for me from time to time no matter where I work.)

As for the headaches he said I can take pain relievers but that ultimately the headaches should go away. I told him that they did go away eventually on Adderall but that after they did I felt very irritable. I'm hopeful that Focalin won't give me headaches, but I'm prepared to battle through it again to see if they'll go away in a week or two. Especially since I'm getting it for free for 12 months through a promotion from the manufacturer. The only way to contact his office is the good old phone, but I'm hopeful he'll be responsive, and I'm certain he's at least more knowledgeable about ADD.

BTW, I'm scheduled for an EEG Monday and will be taking a computerized ADD test sometime in the next few weeks.

I'm glad to hear things are going well for you with Adderall. That's great. Slow and steady, skills not just pills, and all those cool sayings.

I'm feeling frustrated with ADD meds.

I think I'm just about done with the current medication path I'm following. Just as I predicted, even with an increased dosage of Focalin nothing seems any different. I get a boost of productivity for an hour or so and then I feel like I'm dropped off a cliff and become irritable and even a little depressed, which is exactly what I've read happens for someone with overfocused ADD. Adderall gave me the most boost and it lasted longer than Ritalin and Focalin, but even it eventually had the same effect on me. I don't think stimulant medications by themselves are the way for me. I'm going to stick out Focalin for a few more days and see if anything changes, but I'm moody enough already without meds adding to it. :dizzy: Just ask my wife. :)

Sometimes I think when I take meds I start to rely on them too much, and when I don't take them I begin to take more responsibility for my life, but at the same time I become a walking hyperactive to-do-list maniac for a few days before I crash from exhaustion. I need to find a middle path. That's where an ADD therapist comes in. I have an appointment to see mine again on 1/3. It's been a while.

Thanks for listening. I needed to get that out.

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