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To whom it may concern:
I have been on C-II stimulants since June 28, 1994, and I went to my pharmacist, of 10 years, who also is the owner, of the indepentant non chain
pharmacy and he could not fill my script for 90 (ninety) 12.5 mg Generic
mixed salt amphetamines) "Generic Adderall mfg by Teva of Sellersville, PA
formerly known as Barr Labs. I live in a city with a population well over 1/2
million people, and the entire city is sold out of all 7 versions of Adderall
brand, and Adderall generic, by Teva, (the central wholesaler/warehouse)
but there are some still on the shelves in my state, of existing stock of Adderall
including my own pharmacist, who had a one week supply left of 10 mg generic
a/k/a mixed amphetaamine salts tabs in the 10 mg. size, and, the wholesaler for this large city had only 20 mg. left in stock.
I only faced this issue in the year I believe either 1999 or 2000, when a fire
at the (then) Richwood Corporation, who (then) made the branded patented
Adderall in Kentucky, had a fire, that interrupted the distribution and mfg of Adderall for 90 to 120 days, if I remember correctly.
A. GSK removed the 5 mg name brand Dexedrine from the USA in the second quarter of 2009, after a record production run of 67 years!!!!!
B. Richwood Inc, who sold the "DextroStrat" 5mg and 10 mg name via a merger or buyout, became ShireUS, and they in turn sold the license to produce
DextroStat, to Barr Labs, however, Teva of Israel, bought out Barr Labs in December of 2008, and in 2009, DexroStat, was removed from the market in both milligram sizes.
C. Competitor Generic firm, Ethex was shut down in 2009, or early 2010, by the FDA and/or DEA due to inconsistency in quality, allegedly selling too strong a verson of pure dextroamphetamine.

D. Sandoz, who were manufacturing Dextroamphetamine as a generic, is in a
gray zone for the time being, I do not know if they are still manufacturing
dextroamphetamine Instant Release tabs or not, but, were having industry
precursor supply problems to make the drug, or discontinued them?????

E. Barr labs, (now Teva of Sellersville, PA USA) is sold out of both 5 mg or
10 mg dextroamphetamine, and, the drug is either backordered, or is no
longer being produced, rumors are flying, and I do not have any facts,
nor does my pharmacists.

F. It is my understanding that, Dexedrine is made "under a special license
from founder Glaxo Smith Kline to have a small pharm firm distribute the
drug, in 5 mg I/R size, and, in the Dexedrine Spansules 10 and 15 mg
size in Canada. You have to be physically in Canada to get the meds, it
is unavailable by anyone (canadian law) to ship a controlled substance
even to the USA with a bona fide fresh prescription.

G. It is available all over the United Kingdom, again, one has to physically
be in the UK to present a prescription to a pharmacy, and most likely,
one may have to get a local British MD to re-write the USA script.

I am 60 yrs old, and remember, and I have in my possession a 1968
Physicians Desk Reference, and I counted sixty , yes 60 different versions
of amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and methamphetamine singular
products, with or without added hypnotics, barbituates, even the drug
methaqualone and/or Nembutal )pentobarbital in combined forms in
that USA bible for the MD's. I never would have believed with now
millions of adults with ADD ADHD Narcolepsy, and Refractroy Depression
a/k./a Depression NOS, mostly, for the elderly, have what I believe is a
motivations by our DEA, and, several patented large pharmacy mfgs,
to combine forces to cause this disruption of lets say a controversial med
since Adolft Hitler, first discovered the drug from chemists, in the 1930's
to distribute to his soldiers, to keep them awake and focused, what later
became WWII, and also used by our USAF for B-52 flight crews during the
Vietnam War and by all of the Astronauts, who went to the Moon in 1969,
all had Dexedrine in their emergency kits, so they could stay focused on
a need to be alert in potentially dangerous missions. Even the late ,
President John F Kennedy, took Dexedrine, as, has later been revealed,
in the Freedom of Infomatiion act via Dr. Jacobson, starting with the
famous nationally televised Presidentual Debates in 1960!

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