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Sera, I am in a boat next to yours. Apparently, I am dealing with it far better than you though. I was not diagnosed with ADD until 4 years ago. My children were diagnosed well before I was. We won't discuss my mother or father. I can say I doubt that they have ADD though. IF they do, I am unaware of it. I believe one of my sisters has it far worse than I. It does tend to run in families, but is also more common in boys......and here we are. I guess I don't "deal" with ADD. The diagnosis just gave me a reason for my difficulties with comleteing tasks, getting bored really easy, flitting from one thing to another. I tend to spread myself a bit thin......good thing I'm fat. I guess the first thing you really need to do it find at least one thing about yourself (personality/character, NOT looks) that you really like and be glad for that. Appreciate that trait no matter how minimal it may be. Once you find that one thing and begin to appreciate it, you will find there is more there to like and love about yourself. If there is something (that you have control over) that you do not like, change it. If you cannot change it, change something associated with it. You truly need to LOVE matter what anyone else says. Once you begin to love yourself, you will accept your pitfalls far better. I am 42, so it would seem we are close in age. I was always a "screw up". Guess what! I may have screwed up, but now I know why and I am learning to take control. I am not currently on any medication for the ADD either. I am determined to do this without pharmaceutical aid. Instead of focusing on the ADD or that you have given up a job you thought you couldn't handle (by the way, if you liked it, you should try to get it back and tell them you have ADD) you need to say, 'ok, now I know why I have trouble'. ADD is a label, a name for a disorder you have had for a long time. This is not something new to deal with, like a cancer. You CAN get beyond this. If you can't get that job back, sit down and figure our what you enjoy that you can focus on and try to make a list of occupations that would involve that. Maybe you will find one you have a bit of experience in. Than, go for it. If you want to email me for further conversation, go ahead. I check my mail at least once a day. [email protected]

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