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Hi all you Add'rs!!
I'm a 42 yr. old male, diagnosed some years ago and have been taking ritalin (actually generic methylphenidate) off and on, "as needed". A few months ago I had a substitue doc at my "lovely HMO" prescribe me Concerta 36mg after taking into account that I was taking 20mg of the ritalin.
So, I have taken this dose two times in the last six months, once in Dec. 2002 and once a few days ago to "really get some stuff done". Now I remember why I only took it once six months ago! Wow, this stuff is powerfull, I felt like I was on a rocket ship, talk about being focused, although it was a slow wind-up I worked from about 9am until 11pm non-stop it seemed like (I'm a builder working on my own house). I had a hard time getting to sleep and felt hung-over the next day, big time.
As you can see I am pretty sensitive to drugs, always have been and therefore I can't just take (e.g.) ritalin three times a day and get to sleep, or I get very irritable in the evening with my family if I only take two doses.
Enter Concerta.
I want to go back to my HMO and try less of a dose of it, but I'm sitting here with this bottle of 28 pills of 36mg which cost me $40 wondering if there's a way to cut it in half (I know it isn't recommended and can defeat the sustained release properties of it) to try as a lower dose.
I am thinking of stepping back one notch and going for the 27mg.
Any ideas from experienced users would be lovely!!

One little tangential note (I can't resist!) to all you folks having trouble with work and the workplace and people not getting ADD, try self-employment like me; I'm going on 13 years!

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