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Hello, all. I'm the mother of a 7 yr old daughter that was diagnosed with ADHD. I tried Ritalin, Concerta and Seroquel, but nothing helped. I took my daughter to see a play therapist and she suggested that I read the book "Ritalin Is Not The Answer". I did, and it has really worked. I used to have to repeat everything at least 5 times every day to get my daughter through the day. School was a nightmare. I started her on the behavior plan 6 months ago, and it worked. The medications didn't do anything but cause problems for her. If meds work with other kids, that's great. But I do know from personal experience, that our family must have a behavior plan in place. This school year, my daughter has brought home two notes from the teacher, but they weren't major infractions. One was, she was playing with her dress, and the other one was that she was touching another student. NOT HITTING, touching them. She paid the price for the infractions, and she has yet to get another note sent home. These notes that she did get happened over two weeks ago. :)
I just wanted to let parents who are interested know that there is something else available out there. If you have any questions about what I do with my daughter, feel free to post them here. I'll answer you back. Thank you for your time and good luck to you and your families!


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