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Due to a snafu at the pharmacy I was abruptly "off" of Adderall for the last few days, after taking it consistently since November.

The first day wasn't too bad.

During the second day I thought "do I really need Adderall?" and by the third day, I could barely drive myself to my psychiatrist's office to get a replacement prescription (controlled substances sure do involve a lot of mileage).

Last night, I wondered if I might have the flu (by morning I even had a fever). Not to be disgusting, but even my skin felt nauseous (which is usually how I feel with a case of the flu).

I started back on the Adderall this morning (30 mg. XR) and took the second dose at noon (as prescribed) and I'm starting to feel human again.

Like you, I've wondered if I'm just "addicted" to speed (and no, I have never taken illegal amphetamines either) and today, I've even winced a few times, worrying that I might be going through some kind of a withdrawal (which made me feel even worse about the entire situation).

I'm much older than you are (44) and I'm in early menopause (aren't genetics lovely?). Prior to being diagnosed with ADD (within the last year) I felt like I was trying to navigate my way through Jello each and every day. I've read that menopause can exacerbate ADD, and in my case, I believe that's been so.

The first psychiatrist I went to (only one visit as he completely turned me off as human being AND a physician) said that "anyone would feel better on amphetamines" (I had seen what a big difference being back on Adderall had made in my son's life - as a high school freshman, and I finally started putting two and two together about my own issues with concentration over the years).

My second psychiatrist, who specializes in the diagnosis of ADD, has never made any type of snide remark regarding amphetamines. Thank goodness. Let's face it, do those of us with ADD really need any additional guilt trips? I know I've sent myself on enough of 'em to go around the world and back.

I believe that people who "do better" on amphetamines have some kind of chemical deficiency that is evened out by stimulants. My husband takes medication for high blood pressure, and he feels better taking it - in fact, it's probably saved his life. My father "feels better" on insulin and would never have made it to seventy five without it.

No one questions these conditions because they are easily diagnosed with a few relatively simple tests.

I hope I'm alive to see the day when the brain is better understood and actual tests (not observation-based diagnoses or nebulous Y/N - True/False written tests) are available for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic disorders, ADD, etc.

Perhaps when that day comes, some of the stigma will fall away from mental illness and/or disorders.

(backing away from the soap box - counting backwards ;-)

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