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Hi. The top daily dosage recomended for adderall is 40. So you could still go up 10mg per day and be "safe" Have you tried any treatments besides meds? (I ask everyone this because not many people know about the awesome alternative treatments out there that are 100% natural and safe) If you havent then you might want to, there are natural supplements especially for AD/HD that work wonders for some people. BeCalmd is the product thats been a "miracle" for me. I was on adderall before. 40-50mg daily. Each dose only lasted 1-2 hours, I had no side effects. Also, you SHOULD NOT have withdraw symptoms from this type of med. The only time that happens is when people are very sensitve to the medication or are on a dose thats higher than what it shouldve been. If you really feel that you need medication (did the adderall really help you with focus??) something you can do to avoid building up a med tolerance is take it only when you need it. For example, a dose of adderall lasts most people between 4-8 hours. Lets assume you work 8 hours per day, 5 days of the week. You would take 1-2 doses on the days that you work. Then on weekends and days of take "med vacations" where you dont take your meds. If that doesnt work, and you cant find an alternative treatment that works, and you feel that you really truely need meds to function, then you may want to switch to a different med. There is a fairly new med called strattera. My doctor who Ive talked to A LOT about various things related to ADHD, told me she prefers to prescribe strattera first to see if that works (cuz its a non stimulant so theres not the hassle of having to pick up written prescriptions, ya can just call them in) If strattera doesnt work she usually tries concerta (a form of extended release ritalin) If I were to go on a med she told me concerta would most likely be the one. However, Im quite happy with my beCalmd :) and dont plan to be taking medication for my ADHD. Anyway, we were talking about what meds work for different people. If adderall doesnt do it for ya then maybe try ritalin. But remember look into those natural treatments! Some of them are even better than meds!! Also.. some people tend to build up tolerances faster, this could be a personal question but do you OR a family member have a history of addiction??

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