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As my profile indicates, at 53, I've recently been diagnosed with bipolar 1 and severe ADHD. I've been prescribed several meds that did not work -- Saphris (which was the worst medical experience of my life), Geodon, Latuda. The goal was to slow me down and help me be calmer and not so hyper. The most significant purpose was to help my sleeping habits and the quality of my sleep. Geodon and Latuda made me feel "drugged" in the morning. Now my psych has me on Cymbalta. Lamictal seems to help with manic behavior but the wide and rapid moodswings still haunt me. I can feel really great and go to work only to experience a nose-dive into depression when I "sense" a problem with my co-workers. The ADHD only makes it worse. I'm taking Adderall 30 mg at least two times a day and sometimes three times. Most of the time it helps. It slows my thoughts down and actually has a calming effect. I'm always concerned about addiction. My doctors say not to worry, that I'm taking it for a reason and that I'm so far away from abusing it that I shouldn't be concerned. I've somehow compensated for being bipolar and ADHD all of my life--how I don't know. Maybe by being funny--the comic. Adjusting to the diagnosis at this stage of my life is difficult. I feel like I'm broken and can't be fixed.
Hi there, I was also just recently diagnosed with severe ADHD and Bipolar disorder. I am on 30 MG XR of Adderall twice a day, fixing to move up to 3 times a day, and 400 MG of Tegretol. I am 27 year of age. I have always had problems with focus, being extremely hyper, depression, and anger. The mood swings you talk about are also something I struggle with. I never knew how bad they were until I was on my medicine for about a month or so. I am not saying that in a month that I am healed, but I do notice a significant difference. I am not so quick to go from being in a good mood to wanting to flip out over the smallest things. The Adderall is also helping me. My grades are improving and I am noticing I am actually picking things up during lecture and they are making sense. A big pattern I showed when I got into college was I would either see the first failing grade, get pissed, and quit going to class, or I would just not want to wake up in the mornings and again, I would quit going. I have also always been the "funny one" and I do believe it is a way that we have compensated. The more we joke around the more we can push everything down. I am still working on my balance with my medicines but I feel like I am getting there. It is hard because the Tegretol tends to make me sleepy, and sometimes I feel like the Adderall and Tegretol just battle it out but I have gotten myself into a healthy routine of sleeping more at night, getting up at around 4:30 every morning, going into work early, and also putting in extra time in classes. The Adderall does help with the getting out of bed every morning. I have just increased my Tegretol another 100 mg but I am trying to find the balance with the Adderall. I am on XR though it feels like it is only in my system a few hours. I have been working on trying to find a dose that works and that is also healthy. I do not want to abuse these medicines in any way shape or form but everyone handles medicine differently. What works for one person doesn't work for another. Just be patient, this is a long road which is what I have to continue to tell myself. All I know is I like where I am now versus where I was about 3 months ago.

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