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I am a 24-year-old male and I have ADD. I dropped out of college midway through because A: I couldn’t hack it (I was in ADD denial back then), and B: I was offered my dream job as a designer at a software company. The lack of degree has been weighing on me as of late, so recently I decided to face my problem and sign up for a couple of night classes. Anticipating the difficulty I would have concentrating, I consulted my doctor about treatment. He prescribed me Strattera, and I began taking it two months ago. After trying a variety of doses, I have decided that the side effects (sleepiness, lack of libido, feel zombie-like, lack of creativity) are too great to warrant any potential benefits. I wouldn’t mind these side effects so much if only I could take the medication on the two nights a week I will have class, and maybe when I have to study… but Strattera needs to be taken every day, therefore the side effects are felt every day.

So, my basic question is this. Is there any ADD medication that I should consider asking my doctor about that does not require every day usage, and can be taken on an “as needed” basis?

Thank you for your time.

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