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Im a 38 yr old Mom of a 9 year old with ADHD. I'll forego the recounting of my son's lack of friends, impulse control, trouble in school, social issues etc.

He was diagnosed in 1st grade, took ritalin 3 times a day. It helped greatly.
2nd grade ok.
3rd grade we switched to Concerta 36 mg and it was wonderful as he did not crash off of it.
this year he has become increasingly physical like getting in fights at the park, punching a smaller kiss in the face over a play ball etc. I've gotten 3 calls from school in just 8 days. not good.

My questions are these: has anyone had a similar situation?
We also see a counselor that his biggest advise is to get Jordan in sports etc. He does not get that my son is the one that pushes the other kids, hogs the ball and does not think for that nano second what the correct and appropriate action is. I'm the Mom standing there while the other parents glare at me like "what the hell is wrong with your child and what a crappy parent you must be" I dont really care what the other parents think but I do not think its fair to jeopardize the other kids fun because of my sons lack of control.

2nd issue: Im getting his meds reviewed this week, Any suggestions? Transition from 1 drug to the other? Im not open to this new strattera drug.

3rd: has anyone had neuro phych testing on their kids? PET or CAT scans? MRI's. ????

I am soo frustrated and it kills me to see my son with no friends, ostricised because he is so overwhelming for any other 'normal' kids.

I need any help/advise or support you have to offer. I'd do anything to help him.

please advise/share.

Hi. Let me start by saying that I hope you can find something that works for your son and I know that as a parent you are just trying to do whats best for him.

Now, let me ask you this, why are you not open to trying strattera yet you gave your child ritalin and other stimulant medications that are related to cocaine and meth amphetamines?? That just doesnt make sense! Stimulant medications can cause mood disorders, neurological problems, drug abuse, heart trauma, and many other problems. Docs will tell you this stuff is perfectly safe, well news flash, ITS NOT. Your son might not even have true ADD (then again he might, who really knows heh) The thing is.... it sounds to me more like conduct disorder (which is thought to co occur many times with ADHD but I am fairly sure that most of the time ADHD kids have conduct disorder symptoms due to lack of impulse control and low frusteration tolerance, and children with conduct disorder apear to have ADHD because they dont listen and act out etc) Have you taken a look at info on conduct disorder? Also... has your son been tested for learning disabilities? Stimulants can make violence worse and then they have their other reasons for being unhealthy, my advice would be to take him off of stimulants. I also would like to encourage you to try natural therapies on him. If his symptoms are too much to handle then find supplements that are safe to be given along with his medications and try to lower the dose after you notice good effects of the natural treatments. Most of the time kids with ADHD are the ones BEING bullied, not doing the bullying. So look into conduct disorder and learning disabilities and see if that better fits your son. Once you find out whats really wrong you will be able to better help him. Meds they use for conduct disorder/violence are things like anti depressants and sometimes lithium or anti seizure meds. Please understand that even though you may have seen good results with stimulant meds like reduced impulsivity, better behavior control, more focus, etc. that DOES NOT mean that these medications are good. Yes its true they work wonders, but there can be long term after effects of these meds. They damage the brain in the same way that cocaine and meth does when they are used long term.

There is a lithium product available that is non prescription (lithium orotate). This may help to reduce your sons symptoms but if you choose to use it remember that lithium is not like a vitamin or other natural supplement so there may be side effects. (far less than with regular lithium. And it states that you dont need a doctors supervision for it, but if you had your child taking it then it would definantly be a wise choice to have blood levels checked to make sure the lithium levels arent too high. I have used lithium orotate for conduct disorder and had fair results. It did help with ADHD symptoms a tiny bit (like focus) I have also used it as an anti depressant in the past and for that it was a life saver!! The product I take for my ADHD is beCalmd. It helps with focus and other ADHD symptoms. I also take omega 3. Check out some of these natural treatments... please. If he has to be on a stimulant then thats the way it is, but every other treatment method out there should be tried first.
Good Luck :) I hope your son gets to feeling better soon. By the way, I think the doctors idea about getting him into sports was a half good idea. Like you said he bullies other kids so he shouldnt be in regular sports. What I was thinking is that a non-competative sport might be nice for him. Something that involves activity but not other kids. Like swimming, or running track, etc Then he would have a way to get extra energy out, he wouldnt be tempted to bully children around him, and it would be non competitive so it wouldnt encourage any negative behaviors.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

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