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It makes sense but the fact is ritalin and stimulants do make many people with ADD sleepy. Sometimes lowering the dose can fix this. SSRIs can also cause sleepiness. Wellbutrin is a good choice for antidepressants and works for most people. Maybe switching from prozac to wellbutrin will be helpful. If not, like I said adderall has a more physical boost (this is what my doctor told me) So you may want to try that. Most adults respond better to adderall than ritalin anyway. Also you probably already mentioned this and I just didnt notice lol but what type of ritalin are you on? Ritalin LA?? or a different form? Sometimes switching forms can take care of unwanted side effects. Regular ritalin seems to have a lot of ups and downs with mood and activity level. LA seems to make some people spacey or sleepy. So far from talking to people on different types of medications the type of ritalin usually most helpful is concerta. It has a special release system and lasts all day. There are usually no ups and downs and less side effects. Of course everyone responds to meds differently. The fact that you really believe you have true ADD and are treating it for the safety of your family is great. Some people need medications, it doesnt make you wrong. I would urge you to try some natural things as well to see if anything besides medication works. And I know I have repeated this a few times (ya I do that rambling thing too lol) I think you should talk to your doctor about trying wellbutrin. As an anti depressant it could get you off the prozac and if it works well enough for focus then you wouldnt even need to add another med for ADD symptoms. If not then you could add a low dose of a stimulant and hopefully get the desired result.

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