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My daughter does extremely well on a low dose of clonidine for her tics. tenex has also been mantioned. In her case, the tics are fairly easily controlled and are much less of an issue than the ADHD and OCD. OCD is very common in girls with the gene that causes Tourette's. ADHD also goes hand in hand with Tourette's. Although my daughter has a family history of TS, her biofather did not. Twenty years, he was told none of this was nor could be genetic. My daughter was first placed on stimulants 6 years ago and the research on tics was out there.
My son has been on Concerta for about 2 years. Yes, the medication exaggerated tics! But you do need to know that the latest information is that it does not actually CAUSE the tics. Ours happen to run in the family. So, our psychatrist put him on Tenex for the tics! Works great! It has a double affect in that it helps him to sleep at night!

I am now also on Concerta and just began taking Tenex for a tic disorder. Again - it works great!

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