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I have a brother who is 7 years younger then I am, who was diagnosed with severe ADHD when he was about 8. He is now almost 13 and the ADHD has seemingly gotten worse. He has been medicated for about 5 years now for both ADHD as well as for his migraine headaches he gets about once a week. When he and I were younger, he would always be running around and screaming and crying for no apparent reason. Growing up I thought he was just a pain in the butt and had no reason for what he was doing, but once my family found out he had ADHD I began to understand. He is constantly craving attention and seems that he is just trying to get on my last nerve. I now understand that it is not completely his fault.

Both my brother and I were adopted, and his birthmother had many complications during her pregnancy and giving birth, causing him to have severe ADHD and learning disabilities. Now that he is in middle school he is constantly being bullied by people because of his learning disabilities and his ADHD. His classmates seem to think what I was thinking as I was growing up, that he is just being a pain in the butt and that he just doesn't know anything. But they are wrong. My brother is one of the smartest kids I know, he knows everything there is to know about mechanics and engineering, he wants to be a Boeing aircraft designer one day. He really is an amazingly smart kid and is kind at heart. I wish that his classmates could understand why he acts the way he acts. I wish that he would not be bullied anymore because I know exactly how he feels, I was bullied an awful amount during middle school because of my height and my anxiety. I know that he and I don't get along most of the time but he is a good kid and I am proud to call him my brother. I just hope that his ADHD gets better.

I love you Aaron.
Pearlofrapture, that's beautiful. You should tell him this if you can.

Does he have good support from his teachers? That's important.
This is really sweet... have you shown him this? I bet it would mean alot.

He is lucky to have a brother to support him. Continue pushing things he is good at, it will aide in his confidence.

I do have a hard time telling him this because we don't get along as well as I wish we would, but as soon as I go home for spring break I think I will tell him. :) And overall he has had rather good teachers, apart from his 2nd grade teacher who told my parents that he was stupid. We didn't like her.
Thanks, I actually happen to be his big sister, not his brother... XD I'm planning on telling him as soon as I go home for spring break.

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