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I am a 29 year old mother of a 2 yr old. Roughly about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. At the time I was depressed but more so anxiety through the roof! I was started on zoloft and clamazepam to take as needed for anxiety. After awhile the zoloft didn't seem so be working so they up'd my dose. At that point I was a walking zombie! I was tired and sleeping and couldn't move! SOOO the doctor tried me on one other one I can't remember the name of. That one didn't work either. Then I tried effexor because of the no sedation. Right away I KNEW that one wasn't right in my system at all. After the switching of meds started i actually REALLY felt depressed more so than when I first inquired about medication! After effexor, we tried cymbalta. Cymbalta seemed to work for me pretty well and I was also prescribed ambien for my new sleeping problems. Ambien was too strong and i didn't take it. Cymbalta seemed to work BUT it gave me HORRIBLE night sweats. I am not a sweaty person at all and in the middle of the night I would be literally POURING buckets of sweat to the point where my husband was really concerned. I went back to the doctor of course he took me off and the withdrawel from that was INSANE. I didn't even know what it was until I went into the doctor crying asking why in the world I was having outter body experinces and couldn't stand! I was also picking up smoking again and wanted to quit that. I DO have a horrible attention problem. I mentioned it to my doctor that I and everyone around me thinks I have ADD or ADHD...One of the 2. I can't read/watch tv/have a conversation without either getting bored and thinking about things completely unrelated, or my thoughts would literally jump from one to another. I can be watching TV intersted in show, or talking to someone intently and literally start thining about other things and have NO IDEA of what has been said to me or what I have sat and watched for the last hour. It's really interrupting to me and annoying. My husband and friends always laugh at me because when I try to have conversatons its like I have 5 thoughts at once and say all of them...start talking about one thing and then jump to another. I am also SICK of going through different meds..I am not exactly in a position as a mom to be experimental all the time. All that being said (sorry for the rambling) I asked the doctor to try wellbutrin because I read it was for quitting smoking, add AND depression. I have been on that for awhile. 300mg a day...smoking gone! immediately! felt a LITTLE better but still irratatable. So they added prozac to the mix. It's like I wake up in the morning feeling fine, and I take my first dose of wellbutrin. I start to feel a little lik eI have medication in my system. Neither good or bad, and when I take the one dose of prozac I FEEL REALLY mediated. Im not necesssarily feeling dpressed but have NOOOO energy at all...I lietrally want to lay on the couch all day. I am always tired which has been a symptom the enitre time. and I just want some answers. My doctor seems really dopey and like he doesn't pay attention to anything I say. My sister had the same problems and she was prescribed 10 mg adderall 2 times a day and up'd to 20 mg. She is GREAT! She told me she thinks its what I need. I have taken her medicine before and it seems like all my issues are gone. I can get things done...I finish things I start...I don't feel like sitting on the couch all day. I can have intent conversations. Im just at a wits end, and don't know how to fix this. I mentioned my sister and her meds and situation to my doctor and he seemed annoyed. Like I wasn't telling the truth. I am suffering and just want to be on the RIGHT things so I can succeed. :Like I sai d I am 29 yr old, and I want to start school but i have been putting it off because I know I won't be able to pay attention. In school when I was younger I did poorly. Not because I didn't try but my teachers had me stay after and I was fine one on one learning but in a class room I just could not do well! ANY SUGGESTIONS would help!:(:(:(:(

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