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Over focus
Sep 17, 2003
my 6 year old has adhd & a vocal tic. since the school pychologist brought this to my attention i have been doing research on the subject. i read what dr. amen said about the 5 different types of adhd. he seems to be the only one who is that specific. all others seem to lump it together and recommend stimulants or strattera. it seems as though different types need different types of medicine.
i think my son would fall in the over focus area.

he seems to get facinated with a topic or show and will talk about it or play the game for hours during the day for days on end. for the most part he tunes out all other games or shows or even topics. when he was 2 & 3 he would sing and dance blues clues all day and ignor every one. then it was power rangers, then yugio, then harry potter and now it is the video game star fox. all conversations lead back to this topic. he has told me he gets rid of all other thoughts so he has room in his brain for the game he is consentrating on. when i ask him what he learned in school he tells me he played imaginary star fox in his mind and made it to the next level. he is in first grade and already the teacher says he is behind.
dr. amen seems to think seritonin helps over focus issues. how do i know what my child truly has? I would like a real diagnosis as to what part of his brain is working differently then others. can any one help? i also heard the st johns wart is good for over focus issues. i also heard the st johns wart have made kids manic if it is not an over focus issue. i don't want to experiment on my son's brain. does anyone have advise?

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