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As stated in a previous post, my 9 year ADHD old son has been on Concerta SR with very fine results behaviorally. The concerta seems to not be working as well after a year so we have been medically advised to switch to Adderall.

Admittedly the stimulants help him but I'd give my eye teeth to find a vitamin/suppliment approach. I have an amazing in depth book on the A-Z's of all different types of medical 'ailments' and recommended vitamins/acids/supps to take but it's all geared toward adults or at least it does not break down to my sons, a childs dosage.

What are the dosages for a 76 pounder? He eats great, great shape, never sick except a few sniffles on occasion....

Any advise on how to taper off the Concerta and give a few Ritalin so he doesn't go through any withdraw? (Kristy don't yell at me :))Dosages for kids and vitamins when all the suppliments are in referenced in adult size?

Theres no dose for a 76lb kid. You just have to use good judgement. No person child or adult really benefits from the same dosage system as another person does. Basically you need to decide what he needs more of and for what reasons. For instance if he has symptoms linked to low serotonin and you want to give him something to raise his serotonin level you might give him 25mg of 5-HTP. For a person who doesnt need an increase in serotonin that dose might be too much. Just start out low and increase gradually until you get results or until you see unwanted side effects... if unwanted side effects happen all ya do is lower the dosage back to a level where there arent any side effects. Most supplements are imposible to OD on unless an extremely high dose is given. Look in your supplement book, it should say the top daily recomended dose for adults? For a kid start out by giving about 15-25% of the adult dose.

For going off the meds some people can go cold turkey I would not recomend that for a kid though. Dropping down 10-20% weekly is usually a good rule to follow. So for 50mg take it to 45 or 40 for a week then 35 or 30 for a week and so on. Since concerta cant be broken and doesnt come in that flexible of dosing Im assuming thats what youre gonna be using the ritalin for?? Remember the daily concerta dose is for 12 hours and the ritalin is only for 4. So devide the daily dose up into 3 doses per day when you give him the ritalin.

~*~ Kristy ~*~

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