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Rather DIE than go without your meds!?!?! OMG Markie thats horrible. Is your ADD very severe? What subtype do you have?

To WifeLooking4Answers -
There is another form of ritalin that lasts longer and has a less severe crash. It is called Concerta. It lasts 8-13 hours (supposed to last for 12) It comes on and wears off smoother than regular ritalin. It is controlled release so the medication is getting into the blood stream for the whole day (well 12 hours of it)

As another person already mentioned there are non-stimulant medications available to use also. Strattera is the newest ADD med. It takes about a month to work cuz it has to build up in your system. For some people it works great, for others not so great but it'd probably be worth a try. A nice thing about it is once a day dosing. And then of course the wellbutrin which was also already mentioned. Its an anti depressant but its commonly used for ADD. There is a great post here called "Wellbutrin for Attention Issues" Take a look at it when you have time.

I myself prefer my natural treatments. I end up taking more pills than if I took medication but I think its worth it. I take beCalmd 3-4 times per day and melatonin at bedtime. I have Omega3 capsules 1-2 per day if I dont have any fish that day. The beCalmd works great for me. When I was younger I was on adderall, adderall xr, concerta. The beCalmd for me works way better than the adderall and for attention&hyperactivity it works just as well as the concerta but it doesnt have any of the side effects and it helps me with many other things that concerta didn't. (Like headaches and no cravings for drugs/alcohol)

Hope that was helpful :)

~*~ Kristy ~*~

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