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Maybe someone can help, maybe some have experienced what i have and have some opinions and so forth. At this point i feel like im at the end of my line, i cant find answers anywhere, cant get straight answers from the docs, it's like im in this alone and i feel like i am becoming a monster so i need some help or some advise, something to reasure that there is hope, because i have racked my brain and am losing it quicky.

Now to the point.. i have what is known as temporal lobe add. i have vast symptoms from aggression, rage, anger, resentment, foggy memory and confusion exp after anger and rage attacks. i have color visuals depending on my mood exp when i am tense angry, or aggressive. I have slight auditory hallucinations and see things out of the corner of my eye.i am always on the defence no matter what the situation is, always expecting the negative. I wake up in the middle of the night itching and smacking my skin thinking things or critters are on me, then procede to stay wide awake not moving positive something is in on my bed.. freaky feelings.short fuse, short term memory sucks and forget about remembering faces and names. I have these migrgaines but they arent normal migraines.. they startin my forehead stretching to my tempals.. then you know that feeling when you hit your funny bone.. well my whole forehead gets that same feeling. if they happen when im awake i can control them a bit but sometimes i get them in my sleep and i will wake up and pass back out and then wake up a few sec later to breath.. like i forget how to breath for a moment if that makes sense..i am also extremely light sound scent sensitive.. mainly scent and sound. When i get agry or agitated i ge this look in my eyes like a far away burning look.. i can feel myself doing it. I dont even know what to expect from myself teperment and behavior wise.. one min im fine the next something triggers me and switch is flipped. For the most part i have been able to keep it in all these feelings and symptoms of what i am going through.. bieng ashamed of how i feel internally, if i do act out i blame it on pms or headache not wanting to deal with this publicly. fearing that people might not take me seriously or trust me or see me as less of a person.
It seems like there is a trigger to. if im home alone doing my thing no sounds no tv no unpleasant scents, no distractions tehn im nuetral, but the second lound sounds, tv video games people coming in the scene the switched is turned on ad i cant help it. anyways those are my symptoms besides the core add problems which i am on adderall 30mg 2x aday for, which helps me dramatically focus and get things done.. but it does nothing which it isnt supposed to do in the first place for the other symptoms.. type four add is frontal lobe add the difference between frontal lobe apilepsy and frontal lobe add is te matter of add core symptoms bieng present for a period of time.. i have heard GABA can work in the same way as the anti convulsants do and i would like to find a natural therapy to deal with this part of it. so if ay opinions/advise is available let me know its much appreciated.. i will write more later if i missed anything but im bieng rushed off here.. so hope to hear something soon on what you think, what it sounds like, and treatments available or that people have bee through.. If i left something out please email me at [email protected] and i will answer any questions or fill in some wholes. thnks so much.. vababie

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