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To Rainonwindow, thankyou for your reply i have been researching temporal lobe seizures, i found a type known as absense seizures.. the kind that dont have physical signs like shuttering and seizing up but more of an internal seize on your brain funtion. I think your right i need to get more informed and go to a docter my p-doc has had me on klonipins for almost 2 years for sedatives for anziety but i stopped taking them when i started adderall because my social anziety went away . i knew in the back of my head they are als used for anticunvulsants so i took one for above mentioned and it calmed me down so i dont know.. i have to talk to my pdoc to to see if they would cancel out eachothers affects if i took them simutaniously for relief.. up to the docs to decide i guess.. thankyou for your imput again.

Jennita- for your comment "I'm sorry and don't mean to offend, but your physical/mental symptoms, other than the ADD stuff, sounds alot like people who are on either amphetamines or cocaine"

that may be true and pertain to people who only sufferred my symptoms after starting on adderall.. but i have personally suffered these symptoms as far back as i can remember from unexplained anger to blowing up then passing out to only remember half the episode. I have always sufferred from social anxiety due to add and bad mood swings. I was diagnosed as bi polar even though i wasnt happy or sad, my mood swings were based on neutral and rage so i was put on lithium..which because i am not depressed nor manic it didnt work to control my mood swings. after being put on adderall my social anxiety dissapated because i am now able to funtion and carry on daily life to my best ability and instead of bieng scared/ anxious of life, i am better able to examine myself and my underlying problems which i just thought were behavioural problems from not bieng able to adapt and fit in. Now i know that is not true i wasnt a bad kid or person, there is something going on in my head beyond my control that was not at all due to an amphetamine addiction, but rather adderall helped me understand these things by taking my focus off anxiety and so forth and allowed me to get to the real problem at hand. Just to re-iterate these problems i am having have been with me for a long time but i didnt recognise them for what they are until after i took care of my anxiety issues thanks to adderall :)

also i know you arent trying to offend me. but personally knowing people addicted to drugs and have lost loved ones and thier lives over it.. it does offend me, i cant help it. i know how important life is and how addiction can ruin not only your life but many others, i would never take that route and if i ever even thought to succumb to an addiction i would stay clear of that substance knowing first hand the pain it could cause. Seeing it first hand, living through it in people close to me i am able to take thier experiences and learn from them.. Even if you have an "addictive personality you still have the choice to not get addicted and if you choose so knowing whats going to happen then you are selfish.
so stating that you can see how anti addiction i am and that i wouldnt let myself get to that level in te first place! sorry if this comes off as..But living through it first hand i feel strongly on this subj.

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