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Hi All,

I am new to the board and SO relieved to hear about others with ADD/ADHD sharing their experiences...THANK YOU! I am a 30 year old female who was diagnosed as a child with ADD. Took Ritalin briefly in elementary but not consistently and then never again until this last year. I also have an 8 year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD. He's about 55lbs and just started the 3rd grade. Originally, he was put on 5mg of Adderall in 1st grade but noticed it didn't carry over into after school time to do homework and baseball. We switched him to the Adderall XR 10mg. This was a miracle drug for everyone around him. His teacher said this dosage was just enough to keep him on task and focused. So managed to get through the rest of that year (we didn't start him on the meds until fairly late in the year due to DH not wanting me to medicate him). Second grade he continued with that dosage for about the first 6 weeks. Then upped his dosage to 20mg due to his change in height and slight weight change. He was doing just fine. Then I had been suffering with some depression and played guiniea pig to many different anti-depressants only to sedate me or give me "zaps" or "electric shock-like feelings" in my head. I finally went to a psychiatrist that said my ADD was the root of all my problems and wanted me to try the Adderally XR. Originally I'd take 20mg, then up to 40mg. Well, the 20mg seemed to do so much for me (heart racing, high pulse rate and I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off). I just couldn't bring myself to take the higher dosage (not to mention, insurance wouldn't pay for my script due to being over age 19...please, like adults don't need to stay focused? Thank God, I was a stay at home mom and not the President...HAHA). Let's see, I am 5'9" and when I started the meds was 140...which was normally pretty high for me. Over the next 6 months I dropped between 15-18lbs. While I welcomed a few lbs weight loss, I thought this was too drastic, not healthy in the way it was lost and was really troubled with the side effect of not being able to eat. I had to take my pill right after eating a bowl of cereal at least because I knew more than likely it would be my last meal until the next day due to the inability to eat or I'd feel sick. So stopped the meds for a while. Recently got back on and REALLY made a point to pay attention to how I felt before and after taking it. What I realized was that I basically felt like I was on speed...not that I've ever done that before. Again, my heart raced, I could feel my neck pulse act like it was going to jump out of my throat but was able to get alot done. Not in any order or that I was able to stay any better on task, just had the boost and jump to get alot done faster. So my fear was if I was having these kinds of side effects, what was the same dosage my 7 year old at the time was having? I then found out about Straterra and thought it would be so much better not to have the side effects. I stopped him immediately on the Adderall XR and started the Straterra. Within a couple days I was getting calls from his teacher asking if he was on a different dosage that he was a spazz case now. She couldn't get him to pay attention and was WILD! I also didn't see an improvement even after insisting she be patient to stick it out (we were almost at summer). Didn't notice the symptoms alot of ya'll had on this board with sleeplessness or constipation, just no response. Now we have started the 3rd grade and like one parent on here, my son was accepted into the GT program (much to my surprise) and we are in week 2 of school and it's been HELL. Granted, a week before school I put him on a natural product thinking THIS surely will be better for him in the long run. This is his 3rd week with the natural (I'm taking it too) and while we both seem to be "calmer" I don't notice staying on task any more and with the notes brought home so far, neither is my son. I scheduled an appt with a psychiatrist for him on the 11th to talk about getting back on Adderall XR. This was the only one he seemed to do well on. I am just concerned about the long term effects. While Adderall XR was like a speed for me, it seemed make him calmer. Do you know if since I have the ADD without the hyperactivity, that is why is sped me up and since my son had the ADHD, that is why is calmed him down...since he's normally so hyper? He didn't have weight loss like I did on the Adderall XR. I so badly wanted the natural meds to work for us but now think in order for him not to fall behind in school and also socially be accepted and not looked at as flighty and a spazz by his classmates we need to go back to the Adderall XR. I've ate lunch with him at school almost every day (mainly to see how his day is going), and he has no friends. He sits and eats his lunch but no one communicates with him. Just don't want him to be an outcast. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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