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My son wasn't diagnosed until 8 yrs old although there were problems at four. We ran the gamut of drs. and diagnosis'. It is extremely frustrating because they can be so draining. We are using Strattera and are very happy with it. I would think it would be good for a younger child because it isn't a stimulant and you won't have the growth/sleep/eating side effects. My first suggestion would be to find a good doctor, one you feel comfortable with and trust. As I said we've been through the wringer and in the end it was a wonderful pediatrician who helped us. (We had been to Psychiatrist,psycologist, Neurologist,ent,allergist,peditrician, occupational therapist, audiologist I think you get the picture). my son has mild to moderate adhd. It took a long time to convince me that meds were the way but I'm glad we did for his sake. I think if you can catch it early on you can save your son damage to his self esteem. I wish we had been able to help our son earlier as now we are working on rebuilding his self esteem and he's only 8 yrs old. Good luck to you.

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