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Im 19 years old about to go to college next semester. I have always had wonders of why concentrating and focusing on my school work was in issue. Just figured other kids were better or I still wasnt trying hard enough. About a week ago I was with my friend and he is on vyvanse. An oral medication to treat ADD/ADHD. I asked what hes like without medication and he basically described me as of now. So i decided "hey bud pass me a pill" just to see if it would affect me, The results were rather mind blowing. I felt like my brain was more on top of things even on my best day. I normally have extreme difficulties reading but after the medication kicked in, it was like second hand nature. Didnt have to re read and I comprehended everything the first time. Normally i read a 3-4 sentences and space right out. I read a page about 12 times till i fully understood.

I have plenty of other signs of ADD/ADHD as well, im constantly finger drumming, flexing my calf muscles (doing so now), unorganized, stop task such as cleaning to do something else and never returning. and i never thought anything of it before. ive done it for years. Honestly Answered an online test and came back positive for inattention ADD. All i needed was 20 to be concerned, i scored a 38. Now lets say i get medically diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, will police academy or employer of the law field reject me because of this? My mom said "they say they don't but they do anyways" but shes a nurse. I live in New York. I want the help the meds can provide me, but on that note i dont if its gonna completely reverse the point of going to college to become a cop. I really feel like the meds are something i should have been introduced to a long time ago.

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