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Re: Concerta
Sep 24, 2003
I responded to your comment on the other Concerta post, but I'll add a bit more information here. My son's use of Concerta created a positive life change for our entire family. Until the day my son took Concerta (at almost 9 years of age), he had never sat to watch a half hour show of any kind. He had to be actively doing something while watching TV. He's still not a huge TV fan (which is fine with me), but he can sit and watch something he's interested in. He was on task about 35% of the time in school before meds, and getting mostly B's. He was highly argumentive, which caused a lot of difficulty at home. He bothered other kids; he was never mean or physical, but he would pester them (by not reading social cues to know when someone was getting irritated with him or didn't like what he was doing). The Concerta worked unbelieveably well for a long time. Then his impulsivity returned with a vengence and his talking became incessant. We stopped Concerta, but we did switch to Strattera. The Strattera helps his eating and sleeping and his general activity level to some degree. Also, it keeps his impulsivity relatively controlled. But, it does very little for his ability to focus. So, he takes Ritalin ALSO. Why do we keep him on Strattera? It seems to greatly diminish the stimulant side effects (lack of appetite and insomnia) and eliminates the Ritalin let down when the stimulant wears off. The main reason we keep him on the Strattera is because it helps his anxiety; though he's fun-loving and outgoing and doesn't appear ******dly anxious, he occasionally gets panic attacks when he has medical procedures done and gets anxiety-related symptoms at night (sweating, rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness, etc) cause he's scared of dying or that someone will break into our house. The Strattera has made his anxiety issues virtually non-existant. The combination of the two medications seems to work well for him right now. We'll see what happens as the months progress.

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