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Hi Klinkmcbear,

Are you on the Time Release or the Instant Release?
Also, Generic XR or Brand?

Let me tell you my experience *although very long, I will keep it short*

I have been on Adderall since 2007, Originally [B]BRAND NAME [/B]20mg XR then 10MG IR in the afternoon. It was a miracle, I actually could get things done! I could focus for longer than ten minutes. Halelulah!

Over a year later, they did the bait n switch on me. All of a sudden, I became unmotivated, and had severe headaches. I didnt understand at first, then was told my Insurance no longer covered Brand Name and I had been stuck with the Generic forms.

it is 2012 now, I have been fighting with my doctor for [U]4 years now[/U], swearing that the generic sucked for me, and I had really bad side effects including, major depression *which I never had in my life!*, skin reactions, hives, bad rashes, headaches, becoming agitated, losing friends, and severing relationships with family.
I was taking up to 90MG of Adderall a day! They thought I needed more, even thought I said no. But the generic forms never did anything good, maybe a bit hyperfocused, and energetic for 4 hours or so, but always aggitated, and it really screwed up my life.

Now, that I won my appeal with my Ins. in January, I was back to my [I]original dose[/I]. Of course it wasnt strong enough! I needed twice as much in the morning, then up to 30MG IR (Sandoz brand only) in the afternoon. Insurance didnt cover that. I paid hundreds of dollars for Brand Name. Then went broke!

I know what my body needs, and what works for me. My advice, ask for a "dosage revision", and find your optimal levels. [COLOR="Blue"]Trial and error is the only thing that worked for me.[/COLOR]LOL

Ironically, I asked for Dexedrine ER, to see if my concentration would improve......sure enough, I prefer that over the Adderall, then Adderall IR in the afternoon for me.

I found myself depending on the Adderall for that "kick" in the morning, so I decided to try something else.

Ritalin didnt do anything for me, Focalin sucked, and every other alternative med I have tried, except Desoxyn, which I KNOW would be my savior, but no Doc will prescribe it, even if it would work.

That is my story, albeit abbreviated! Beleive it or not!

Again my advice is to have the doc work with adjusting dosages until you feel better. If you can, try the brand name Adderall XR, it is a world of difference compared to core pharma, and their stinky pinkys, and Barr, which never agreed with me.

I also prefer the Instant Release to the extended, but always forgot to take the second dose on time, so I went back to XR

Good Luck!

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