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This is not a response to the issue of "disagreeing". I seem to get myself in trouble when I get the (oops now my ADD is acting up is it?...) the chair, the floor, the soapbox...on that subject.

What I did find interesting is that like you I have ADD and because I had very good grades (and probably also because my mom is ADD) my family didn't notice. Basically I was very daydreamy and some teachers were very frustrated with me & shaming. They were unable to appreciate my intelligence because it didn't work like theirs (or maybe I should say--like other people's--as not all of them were especially gifted). The boys I knew who had ADHD (like your friend) were diagnosed. Whether this recognition helped them or not, I can't say--but it's interesting that all the women I personally know with ADD were not diagnosed as children. This probably helped us in some ways and challenged us too much in other ways--at least, this was my personal experience. I really took on the shame (which luckily did not come from my over-the-top family) from my peers and teachers and other authority figures. I knew something was wrong with me (AT LEAST THAT'S HOW i SAW IT BACK THEN--accidental caps--too lazy to retype)but I didn't know what it was. I also didn't realize the challenging things were linked to all these awesome capacities I have (like my quirky sense of humor, my resiliance, my creativity...). I am much happier now that I know I am not alone in struggling with ADD and now that I am learning more and more about it and how to manage it.

Thanks for the chair-floor-soapbox opportunity

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