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Does anyone have any experience or opinions as to growth problems with children treated with long-term stimulant use. I have a 12 year old daughter that is very short for her age 4'6" (?) and in the 5th percentile for growth, at the 50% in weight. She has been on and off almost every stimulant since 7 years old. After coming off Adderall 1 year ago and switching to Concerta, which she no longer takes, she gained 20lbs in one year, but grew very little. She is now off all stimulant medications and taking strattera since August. Can stimulant use affect one's growth? If so, once you stop taking the stimulant does growth catch up? her doctor says at the rate she is growing she is target for just 5'. I am 5'4, her father is 5'8" and her older sister is 5' 5". She just seems very under developed in every other way, maturity, height, puberty, etc., than all the girls her age. They stand about 4-6" inches taller. Although everything I've read says there are no long term grown problems with stimulants, and, if there are they quickly catch up when taken off them, I am very worried about the effect that may have already been done to her growth system, if any. Maybe she as just meant to be short? Any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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