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Apa6, I like you! You are funny even as you chronicle the truly awful time you've been having. I don't mean to make light of what you've been suffering--I'm just impressed. If all that had happened to me, I don't think I'd be able to get it together to write it down so well. I don't have any advice, but I want to offer support.
Uh-oh here I go...
It does sound (duh) like the meds you're on or have been on recently--aren't working for you--adderall, strattera, wellbutrin...

But in certain respects some of them were really helpful--so I don't think you necessarily have to give up on meds yet.

Do you think that you have less ability to concentrate than you had before you began any treatment? (I hope not--but if that were the case it would probably be temporary withdrawal/side effects stuff)

A friend of mine is on a SSRI (who's name I unfortunately forget) that doesn't have sexual side effects or cause weight gain (he has struggled with his weight all his life and actually got it under control while on this med). Why don't you shop around for a different antidepressant for starters--I mean research around (but I guess that it part of what you're doing with this post).

I keep hearing people complaining about Strattera and sweating (Adderall too). If you are in big trouble with concentration issues at work and Strattera doesn't help --you could try another stimulant (ritalin/concerta comes to mind because that seems to be one that adults favor--this is true for me as well) in moderation--maybe taking yourself off on the weekends and just plain abandoning it if you find the tolerance issues kicking in again. Or like you said (or was it another poster) you don't know how well it's working until you're maybe you can function better than you think without going up & up in your stimulant dosage. I have heard the most complaints about Adderall in terms of dependency issues, so maybe it wouldn't happen with a different stimulant.

Good luck,

ps. Jennita don't kick my bum!

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