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[QUOTE=berkeleyfemme;4974743]Believe it or not - the psychiatrist i'm seeing, wont give me wellbutrin OR adderral. So, he's now perscribing clonopin (super addicting but he says "hey, no side affects," and ambien at night. So, Yes = the sleep is a major asset but daily with the clonopin i'm tired even more so and scattered and depressed. WOw, some psychiatrist. SO, i had to take a bus to Freemont, CA - to the chuman-liles clinic - have to wait 1 month - hoping to get the adderall! As if i have to fight so i can relax. Incredible.
HUGS to YOU- yes, glad to know of another - yourself - with the lamictal issue and bringing one down. IT does seem that i'm grinding my teeth with the Wellbutrin, so i need the clonopin with it - then i'm so scattered ...adderral.
Yet - keeping my boat a float - is the Abilify - i'm on 20 mg - going up to 30 mg. like i used to. This is a great med, i feel for bi-polar - if they insist i'm bi-polar which i disagree after 8 times ect back in 2003. incredible.[/QUOTE]


I don't have bipolar disorder, but sometimes I swear I do. Especially with PMS 2 weeks prior to menstruation. I am currently on Cymbalta 60mg for a major depressive disorder and General Anxiety Disorder. I also take Adderall 20 mg 2x a day for ADHD. I am planning to start birth control this month to alleviate PMS symptoms (monster mood swings) and acne.

Clonopin is very addicting and there are side affects. I was prescribed this med for panic attacks. The one side affect that prompted me to get of the med after almost 5 years of continuous use affected my memory. I am on my 3rd month off of Clonopin and my memory and cognitive skills have improved much. This med did help me to stabiize, but it is not recommended for long term use and coming off of it was extremely uncomfortable.

I hope you feel better soon.

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