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I am with you, our stories are so similular. My son did very well on concerta his school work was like night and day. His teacher was so please with his performance and attitude and it is such agood feeling for a parent when you can help your child. It was somewhat depressing when we had to wuit the concerta because of the tics since it had such positive results. Imentioned earlier that we have been using strattera almost two months now. We have had some problems with the sleepyness and just recently which is another bummer but he has had clearing of the throat tic ff and on. His phsyco sugested that we watch it close and use 20mg in am and 20 in pm to spread the dose out. It seemed the strattera was wearing out taking it at bed time so we will try it. I am nervous about school starting I just hope he has the same rewarding results with strattera he had with concerta as far as school goes. Crossing my fingers. I think we can get over the throat tics with dose and timing I Hope!!

Yano you said a mouth full when you said the docs do not know the stress we parents do through. I learned I also have ADHD after my sons diagnosis. He and I have been playing what I call the meds game now for a few months trying to find the right dose, time, and med for that matter. We both have had good results with the meds as far as our ADHD symptoms now we just have to find the right combo to take care of the ADDER in us and limit the side effects. It can be very stressful especially wondering about your childs well being.

Thanks for chatting


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