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Thank you so much for your reply. I had just gotten off the phone with my sons doctor when I saw what you wrote. The doctor is putting my son on the Straterra also. Im so happy to see that you had some good luck with it. I hate all these meds, but without them, my son does not do all that well in school. He had a complete turn around with the Concerta and did extremely well both at home and school, but the tics kept getting worse.

I was pretty nervous about starting another med, but I feel a bit better now that I read that you had success. Thank you so much.

Ya know, I dont think the docs know how much stress and frustration this puts on us parents too!!

Thanks again,

Could your son have Tourette's syndrome in addition to the ADHD? A large portion of Tourette suffers also have ADHD. The Concerta would drive the tics to become more prominent. The Strattera may help with the tics, but it takes awhile for it to reach it's full effect - up to a month. Switching off the Concerta to the Strattera may give the impression that the behaviors are escalating giving you the impression that Strattera does not work for your child. What you may want to do is give both for a while, tricating the Concerta down over a period of time and then making the complete switch to Strattera. If your child is also suffering with Tourette's than a small dose of Clonodine with could futher reduce the tics. You should have your child evaluated by a Tourette Specialist to ensure that he is not suffering this disorder as well. Again, I have noticed that many of the parents are really struggling during the transition phase to the Strattera, so you may want to talk to your doctor about reducing the Concerta while adding the Strattera. To get the true Strattera picture you need a month's lead time. This would be a good time to begin considering that school is another month off. This way he/she would be pretty stabilized.

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