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My 5 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with severe ADHD today. We feel there may be more involved but at her age it is difficult to test much less get beyond the attention related issues in testing.

She has gone to speech therapy twice a week for a year now with great improvement. She has also been doing occupational therapy for the last month and they are very pleased with how well she is picking things up. We're very happy to see her successful.

This year she is repeating her 4 year preschool in hopes that with improved communication she will be able to pick up the skills needed to go to kindergarten and be on track with her peers. However, I feel tremendous pressure to provide whatever I can to help her be ready for kinder next year.

A pediatric development specialist (psychologist) performed the testing and gave us the diagnosis. This is based on testing such as Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence, Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, Test of Variables of Attention-Auditory and Visual Tests, Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Pervasively Developmentally Delayed Characteristics Checklist, Asperger Syndrom Diagnostic Scale, Behavioral Observation as well as parent and teacher interviews. Needless to say I think the diagnosis is based on very good evaluation and information. I'm lucky to have found the diagnostic care that we did.

It was recommended that we consider medication therapy or as an alternative, biofeedback or neurofeedback therapy. He would like us to try the later based on her age and the fact that many prefer not to medicate children as young as her. He also seems impressed that we have put in the time and effort to provide her with supportive therapies and are willing to consider all options. He says that some children with ADD/ADHD respond well to neurofeedback to the point that it can offer a permanent relief from medication needs and in essence resolve the ADHD to a point that she can self control.

I don't even know if it is available where I live but will find that out this week. I am curious as to whether or not any other parent has tried this alternative therapy and if so was it effective, time requirements and costs and effects on education issues.

I appreciate any experiences or opinions I can get as this journey is just starting for us. We've known for 2 years that things weren't 'right' and it really is a relief to finally have a direction...but I also think I'm finally ready for that good cry I've been putting off these past 2 years.
I applaud you for your determination to help your child. I would recommend one more evaluation however. I would also suggest having a pediatric neurologist examine her and look over her symptoms. In my family, severe ADD or ADHD can be coupled with partial seizures.

I hope you find a therapy that is beneficial to her. I also have a daughter with severe ADHD. She just turned 21. I think that the most important thing you can do for your daughter over the long haul is maintain a close, supportive relationship with her.

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