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My son (11) is back on Concerta. He was on it (54 mg Concerta) for a year and a half but we switched to Strattera due to his lack of appetite (he gained NO weight for eight months)and severe insomnia. He had no side effects from the Strattera, gained five pounds and went to bed at a normal person bedtime. It also improved his general activity level and, to a lesser degree, his impulsivity. In addition, it TREMENDOUSLY reduced his anxiety level, whereas the stimulant exaserbated it. BUT, the Strattera did not help his focusing and he was still too impulsive. We put him back on Concerta (36 mg) but STILL GIVE HIM THE STRATTERA TOO. The Strattera seems to counteract the stimulant side effects. He now can eat and sleep while on the Concerta, his anxiety is not an issue, AND there is no noticeable stimulant let down when it wears off.

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