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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this board but am very interested in participating. I have 2 boys who are ADHD. My oldest is 14 and after battling with myself over him being medicated I finally took the plunge when he entered 2nd grade and his teacher told me that no matter what I decided that she would modify and work with my son to help him the most. I had never had anyone say to me that it was ok to NOT medicate. Since then, he has tried Ritalin, Adderal, Concerta, and now finally Straterra. We started it the first week of summer so that it would have time to work for him before school starts. My other son who is 11 was diagnosed in 1st grade as he was demonstrating some of the symtoms my oldest had displayed. He too started Straterra the first week of summer. Both we extremely tired the first week or two. They have grown out of that and it seems to be working out great for them both. No school experience yet. I am very anxious about it. My youngest is a high achiever who makes straight A's and my oldest who was diagnosed later seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere and struggles with his school work. Unmotivated. Both very disorganized. I worry about my youngest because he doesn't have any true friends and tends to get teased to the point of anger. Any suggestions on how to create friendships for him. He can not come up with anyone who he thinks would come over and play. Also, when a child is unmotivated to do school work, what do you do? I know he is smart, but he thinks he CAN'T get good grades. Thanks for listening.


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