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Hello All,

I have been reading the posts here for about an hour, and I am scared to death. My seven year old was diagnosed ADD - Inattentive Type in May, and he also tested gifted. Since he was four, he has been unfocused, forgetful, slow-paced, and socially inept. His teachers say he doesn't pay attention, yet he always gets excellent academic marks. They say these behaviors will turn into habits which will catch up to him as courses get harder and lectures enter the picture. Though they don't suggest medication, I know they think something needs to be done to keep him from falling through the cracks.

I've already been called in to a conference this year, and I heard more of the same. I see the same behaviors at home, and I can't deny them any longer, yet I detest the ADD label. I'd like to know how much of these behaviors has to do with giftedness. Austin is not hyperactive or impulsive. His mind does go a mile a minute and he seems to be much more comfortable around adults than kids. We've had social problems almost identical to what meckman describes. We've tried rewards, incentives, punishments, charts, stickers, all kinds of things for two years now. None of them help to change his behavior permanantly and they barely work in the moment.

It's gotten to the point where it's hard to get him functioning at school and at home. I find that I have to either nag him constantly or do more things for him than I should. I can count on my four year old to get himself ready in the morning more than I can count on Austin. I have to think that the nagging and negative attention he receives has to be affecting his esteem level.

After talking to his teacher, I picked up a starter pack of Strattera from our pediatrician, and I've been staring at it for three days. The potential side effects scare me to death, and I hate the idea of drugging him so that he'll conform more easily into society. Yet I know he will continue to be isolated and even ostracized by society if he continues down this path.

Our pediatrician has told me that Strattera works best in kids who are only inattentive, not hyperactive or impulsive. Has this been any of your experiences? I want to do what is best for Austin, but I don't know what that is right!!! HELP!!

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