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I have been trying to find a place for info on Starttera, ADHD, etc. and was so relieved/hopeful to find so many people with similar situations. My 10 yr old son just started Strattera 25mg yesterday. He will take that for 4 days and then go to 40 mg. He weighs 80 lbs and has been on a medication holiday for the summer. First off let me say that medication was our last choice and I am still not 100% comfortable with it. My son attended public school for 2 1/2 yrs was homeschooled for 1 1/2 yrs and now goes to a private school for kids with LD's. We had him evaluated over a yr ago and he was diagnosed as ADHD, LD's, & Sensory Integration Disorder. We decided after much consideration to try med's. We tried Adderall, Concerta and then went to Methyphenidate throughout the school year. He did very well academically but still struggled/struggles with social issues. We have worked with a Behavioral Specialist over the summer and knew that in order for him to have a better year we needed to consider a different med. I had/have so many questions re: Strattera. We are giving it to him in the morning beacuse we felt like the 1st 10 hrs he would be on it full strength and wanted to be able to see how it was effecting him and also for him to be able to have the best benefits of it during the day when he needs it most. I am not sure that is the "right" way but I thought that was how we should intitially try it. He has been pretty sleepy/irritable in the 1st few hrs of taking it and probably a little more relaxed during the day. He eats well and had no problem getting to sleep.
I have not seen any huge improvements yet but from what most of your posts indicate it takes some time to get into their systems and see the full effects. Also, do you think it matters about am or pm dosing? The sleepiness and irritability is a concern and I am hoping that it passes when his body gets used to it. I am so glas that this forum exists and am looking forward to all that everyone has to contribute. :)

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