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[quote]Originally posted by T-bone-Mama:
[b]My son who just turned 9 was on Strattera for two months (Feb.-March) His behavior took a drastic change for the worse. He became paranoid to the point of being terrified of going to school because he thought bombs were going to blow the building up. He could not function in the classroom - he would hide in the closet, lay down under his desk, and constantly call out. He was in the Principal's office every day, and did not even understand why. It took several weeks for the drug to get out of his system, and it was during this time that he was re-evaluated by the child study team and diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder NOS with a recommendation for full-time special ed in a class for kids with behavior disorders. The ONLY time my son had such severe symptoms of PDD was while he was on Strattera; he is otherwise a pretty normal ADHD kid with some outstanding qualities along with his idiosyncrosies. He is now on Ritalin (15 mg. in the morning and 10mg. at lunch time), and is doing very well. For him, Strattera was literally a nightmare.

[This message has been edited by T-bone-Mama (edited 07-02-2003).][/b][/quote]Hi my experience was almost the same had my son on adderrallxr20mg for 1 week.He was having nightmares.Wouldnt eat he was very moody.I stopped his med 1 week ago.He can eat anything and it dont hurt his stomach he 10 and weighs 52lbs. Kathy

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