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dear meckman, my 8 year old son has been on Strattera for about four months, this is his first med. He too has had lots of problems with friends. He's bright creative and desparately wanted friends but he drove them away. Mostly he was so impulsive and loud kids were put out by him. Strattera has really helped I see him now playing quietly giving and taking he's actually a really thoughtful kid if he gets the chance to think out his choices a little bit before acting on them, he still has lots of energy but it's channeled in an appropriate way. He is starting to seem really happy, his self esteem has taken a huge boost. He also got the best report card ever this last quarter and home life is much more happy (sibling rivalry continues to be a struggle for us any ideas on that would be helpful we have a 4 year old boy as well). Thanks for the great board
As an adult with ADD, I've been reading these posts with interest. As a parent, I really empathize with many of the concerns expressed here, reflecting the personal struggles many have expressed re: giving your kids meds with hope of helping their problems, only to find that it creates new problems.

All I can say is that in hindsight (I'm in my late 40s) I wish my parents, teachers, and physicians had the knowledge of ADD that we have today. I know that I would have benedfitted greatly from meds. Despite some great successes in life, there were many, many difficulties along the way - socially, academically, and later on in employment. Not picking up on social cures. Blurting out impulsive, and sometimes inappropriate remarks. And especially not being able to harness an amazing creative, knowledgable mind. Thoughts would ricochet around my mind - many interesting connections and insights, but so very hard to organize into a cohesive paper as a student. Being on Strattera has helped me in so many areas. Those who haven't experienced this disease - and I do consider it a disease - simply do not understand.

The one concern I do have is that Strattera, as I understand, was developed and tested by Lilly specifically as a drug for ADULT ADD. I'm concerned that its being tried in children now is driven more by the desire to find a non-stimulant, non-controlled alternative medication for kids. It simply may not be as effective in kids as adults.

Also, for those who are considering Strattera or other medications, and are feeling scared by the information contained in these posts - please remember that this is a self-selecting group of people. If there's a thread going here, its much more likely to elicit responses from people who have a negative experience rather than a positive one.

These drugs (and my own experience with Strattera) are certainly not perfect. I've had my own problems which I've shared on Jackos "Male Side Effect" thread. Yet I truly believe that you brave parents are doing the right thing in exploring these options. Don't continue a drug if nasty side effects persist. Seek help from knowledgable practicioners. Good Luck! I know I would have accomplished a lot more if I had been offered the help that's out there for your kids when I was their age.

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