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Today is day #6 for my son, 10yr and he is doing pretty good. He has not had any stomach problems. He takes the medicine in the morning on a full stomach. He was sleepy and a little irritable the first few days but that seems to lessen each day as his body adjusts. He ahs a good appetite and has no problems getting to sleep at night. He is not teasing as much and looks me in the eye when I speak to him and also responds quickly when I call. I am seeing some silly/hyper behavior in the evening that is manageable :) I am hopeful that this may help him to have peace and be able to function better. 2 more weeks until school starts here so I am hoping that we will have a good idea on whether this is going to work or not. I have a question...under our health insurance plan we have no coverage for mental/nervous this includes presriptions. We paid around $30 for the Methylphenidate but think the Strattera is around $145 a month. Does anyone no how to get this for cheaper? Possibly on-line, prescription discount card, etc. We get most of our prescriptions filled at Hy-Vee. Is there a better place.

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