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My son is on 40 mg of Strattera WITH one 10mg morning dose of Ritalin. He just turned 11 and was on Concerta for 1 1/2 years. As with many of your children, he didn't gain any weight and rarely got to sleep before midnight. The Strattera does seem to help his impulsivity, appetite, sleep habits, and anxiety. It doesn't seem to do much for his ability to focus; that's why he takes the Ritalin too. My son's friendship situation has improved some recently--many ADHD kids don't seem to read social cues very well. He's not agressive, mean, or physical, but he can't seem to tell when people are getting irritated with something he's doing, or he'll keep doing something after someone has told him to stop. He's an awesome athlete, and I'd say that's helping him develop some friendships too. As someone else mentioned, I'm VERY concerned about the possibility of long term male side effects. If men are having sexual and prostate related problems while on Strattera, I wonder what the medication might do to boys entering puberty. I'm not sure what we'll do when school starts again. I may put him back on Concerta, but use a lower dose and combine it with Ritalin. We'll see.

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