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My son is now close to two months. We are struggling w/ the AM PM thing we went to bedtime about three weeks ago and noticed that it seemed to be wearing off late afternoon. Just two days ago we tried morning again and he was out most of the morning. We are loking at going 20mg am 20 pm. Our pshycologist recommended going up to 60 and perhaps it wouldn't wear off problem is my son has experienced clearring his throat tic w/ strattera? Anyone had this problem? He had very bad tics w/ concerta nad they subsided almost over night switching to strattera but he has the clearing of the throat now some days none other days horrible bad so pschy said because of this we should not raise dose but try twice a day. Bad thing about twice a day it's a struggle for him to remember once a day.
Hey mommtothree
I've been on vacation. Thanks for the reply. I have talked to both docs about my sons clearing of the throat and have been doing alot of reading. Unfortunately my hunch may be right I think he has a mild terets w/ his ADHD which as you probably know is not uncommon. We may have a nueroligist take a look to get him diagnosed if the tics persist.

Anyway so far so good on the dual dose of srattera. We are now doing 25mg in the morning and 18 at bed time. We started this in reverse because of sleepyness but that has seemed to subside so we switched to give him more for the course of the day. Now that school has started will be the true test. I am excited to see how he does.


Couple things I found it interesting when you said that your child now looks you in the eye when you talk. Once I read that I realized that mine has done this too that was pleasing that you made me realise that. As far as cost of meds my insurance covers Strattera other than co-pays but talk to your doctor they have tons of samples of this stuff because Lilly is promoting it so much. Our pediatrician is very good at giving us samples.

My son, 6, was on Adderall for 6 months. I loved the way it took a hold of my son's impulsivity. It did, however, come with consequenses. He ended up having to take another drug, (clonodine) to help him sleep at night. So, I felt like a terrible mother, giving my kid an upper and a downer, but the results with his friends and with classwork were phenominal!! He was so happy--and he actually thanked me for helping him to sit still!! THEN, just when we thought we had a handle on it, he began audible tics. Clearing throat, humming, sticking out his tounge and blowing, etc. We could not escape the tics. NOW, we are on Strattera, trying to eleminate the stimulant which can cause the tics. Plus, he had lost some weight--and he didn't have much to spare, anyway. Now, only after 4 days of med--his appetite has doubled. I still don't see any of his impulsivity being corrected--or his hyperactivity--so this has been a tough week. Let me know how things keep going with you.
Hello all kiu19, and 3 blessings,

I have shared all of your frustrations and wonderings but let me share with you how we are doing. Now for the broken record my son was on concerta and yes he got the tics and we switched to strattera. Horrible sleepyness, some sensitivety crying n all actually lost weight which is not supposed to happen from everyone you hear from they actually gain weight after switching from a stimulant all that stuff.

Now for some good news!!!
You must be patient, we started out at 18 mg went up to 40mg. we did the before bed thing because of the sleepyness, his tics have subsided but he does still have clearing of the throat but after about 12 to 14 weeks he has really come around!!!! We are currently doing 25mg in morning when he gets up and 18 at night before bed. Things are going very well the sleepyness has gone away, he is not real sensitive he may cry from time to time if you yell at him which is actually good because it reminds me that hey give him a break. He has been in school for two weeks and so far so good. His writing is the neatest I've ever seen! He is actually starting to gain weight. He is playing football and just the practices no games yet have been phenominal. KIU19 three weeks is just not enough time you really need to be patient it takes awhile to get this med into the system and stabilized. Strattera does seem to stay in the system longer also. I took Strattera myself and had great results from it unfortunately had to stop because of male sexual side effects but if you can weather the storm and get you child dialed in the benifits can be ten fold.

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