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Hi everyone! I am new to this board but not new to ADHD. So a little intro, I will be coming back here often...

I have a newborn boy (hopefully no issues will arise there!) and a wonderful, talented 7 y/o boy, 2nd grade. Was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago, tried everything before meds. Started meds Jan '03 with Adderal, 10 mg 1x day at 645am. Crashed about noon. However, while meds were in system, his symptoms were much improved. (Crashing resulted in Emotional, crying, tantrums). Three weeks ago (Mid August '03) switched to 10 mg adderall XR. I think the dosage is too low...he is having major issues at school, ATTITUDE IS AWFUL!!! Is downright MEAN to me, smarts off and yells and blames me for things like his socks being all balled up after he took them off and then tried to put them back on. Pardon my french, but he is like hell on wheels now.

I spoke with his psychologist,...he reccommends we talk to the MD about Strattera. (not an uppoer, lower reported crash effects, no insomnia and greater appetite.) I have appt. with MD today. Wish me luck. I am going to share what the pscholo. recommended. Oh, and also my son also misses the social cues....loud, bossy, does not know how to make and keep friends, although we are constantly working on those skills with him....must be common in ADHD kiddos, and perhaps adults too, sometimes.

SO, my question.... did anyone experience any trouble switching? (Or maybe do we need to up the dosage a tad instead of switching?) I just want to be prepared emotionally MYSELF so I can help him handle the change. I guess I'm going to have to write off his behavior for about the 1st week or so until he gets used to it too? Poor kid. I hate it for him but I hope we can find something that helps him find success! So, any advice on what to expect with the switch? (Sorry for the short story but long....)


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