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This is a really good question. I honestly believe that more people experience intense emotional reactions like volatility than we like to admit. In the past, my triggers were any events I perceived to be oppressive or events where I felt I was not in control.

I experimented with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds for years before I realized the root of my intense emotional reactions was anger. Unresolved anger manifested a major depressive disorder and severe anxiety. I didn't even know that I was angry. I denied that part of myself. I feared myself, because impulsivity and emotions was a monster reaction waiting for a trigger.

I eventually got sick from the anti-anxiety meds and was bed-ridden for a year. Although my body was mind and heart was lucid. So, I was forced to pay attention to this mental and emotional discord that I tried so hard to run from and deny every second of every minute of every in and day out.

Anyway, I started my treatment with Prozac 20 mg and was placed on Klonopin .5 BID about 2 years later. I was also given Xanax, Ambien and whole bunch of other stuff.

Today, I take Cymbalta 60 mg at night and Adderall 20 mg BID. There is a lot that I didn't include in this post. So much internal turmoil behind me. Sometimes I fear a relapse of the hell I endured, but that fear motivates me today more than it paralyzes.

Fear motivates me to be fearless.
[QUOTE=I found that Adderall actually made me MORE volatile.[/QUOTE]

When I was being treated for chronic anxiety, any instant-release or short-acting medication seemed to traumatize more than help.

I don't know if taking Adderall IR aggravated an already existing anxiety disorder or if taking Adderall IR enabled me to be more conscious of an existing anxiety disorder. Probably both. The instant-release definitely freaked me out.

I didn't respond well to Xanax. I think its a fast acting diazepam. I swear it worsened the anxiety experience. This med worked to quickly alleviate symptoms of mild panic attacks, but as soon as the med wore off I was caught off-gaurd with another attack. I lost all appreciation for the -element of surprise-.

I am no longer required to medicate for panic attacks. Thank goodness! I am attempting to put into words my experience with ADHD and panic attacks, but I am having such a difficult time verbalizing the experience. I hope some of this helps someone in the meantime.

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