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Ok thanks for the clarification. Just a side comment, some people who did need medications to concentrate before find natural alternatives that work just as well or better than their medications so dont be so quick to think that just because something isn't an RX drug it wont work. Some are even safe to add to his medications that he's already taking.

As noseelerem mentioned there is a non-stim med called strattera. It is a norephinephrine reuptake inhibitor for ADHD. Some people seem to like it while others don't respond. It takes about 3-8 weeks to work.

There is also an anti depresssant called wellbutrin that is comonly used to treat ADD. Some patients take a small dose of wellbutrin and a small dose of adderall. This combo seems to work well for many. The wellbutrin should help eliminate some of the fatigue.

Has he been on any other stimulants? If he has only tried adderall xr he might want to ask about regular adderall. Since it is shorter acting he can eat between doses. Might even do a trial on concerta. It is long acting ritalin. Most dont have rebound effects or fatigue when it wears off. Or regular ritalin, then he could eat all his meals when his doses were wearing off right before he takes his next dose.

Since he seems to have problems with eating while on stimulants a non-stim would probably be the best thing to try.

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