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Re: Shaming
Sep 28, 2003
Heres something interesting. All children involved in school shootings or murdering their families have been on medications. So I guess some people could conclude that the reason they murdered all those people was because of the medication they were taking. Well as everyone knows not all people react the same way to mediactions. Some medications do have rare side effects like extreme violence and psychosis. There have also been two incidences while adults on adderall murdered their children, later blaming the adderall. I dont think adderall is one of the smartest things to be putting in your body but I honestly do not believe that it could cause someone to murder their own helpless little child. (Now refering to the woman who killed her baby) Her defense was that the adderall made her do it.

If the adderall was causing a rare side effect of psychosis in her then I doubt nobody in her family wouldnt have noticed and taken her to the doctor where they could discover the problem and find a better medication suited for her. I dont believe in the death penalty for many cases... but baby killers well, ya... too bad she didnt live in texas.

So many people on medications kill, many conclusions can be drawn from this. Including:
1. medication causes people to kill hmmm....
2. there is a small portion of people who will respond extremely bad to certain types of medications and this can increase risk of psychosis and violent behavior - ok I agree with this one
3. the people who killed were crazy to begin with and everyone knew it, the medications they were on just simply were not strong enough to avert tradgedy - I agree with this one too
4. Last but not least....... here is what I really think is happening. I think that doctors are too quick to prescribe medications without looking for further problems. I think the doctors are not being responsible in following up with their patients to make sure their medications arent having any extreme side effects like a change in thinking patterns, violence, psychosis. I think that most doctors are just throwing pills at people who need medication, therapy, and possibly even a short stay at a hospital. Doctors hand out pills and say its all ok. One boy that I knew of, who murdered several people, well he was on medication. His doctor said it was working and the boy was completely fine. The boys parents noticed some odd behaviors and mentioned them but the doctor again told them not to worry. The parent even tried to have their son hospitalized but everyone told them there was no need because the boy was perfectly sane and not a danger to himself or others. The next week he murdered several people. This boy is now in prison because of the simple fact that doctors think pills are a magic cure all and therefore they would not allow the boy to get further help of therapy or hospitalization that could have saved the lives of all the people he killed as well as saved him from a life of being locked up.

Heres something that freedom_fighter posted that kind of deals with what Im trying to say: [url=""][/url]
Take a look at quote D --- expecially this last part
I did mean to mention there’s therapy too.
For groups and for couples and maybe just you.
There’s coaching, day planners all here in my hat.
Don’t expect me to rhyme them…
They don’t pay me to talk about that.” "
...well it makes more sense if you read the whole thing, so click the link and look at quote D

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

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